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Britain to lose nukes in case of Scottish Yes vote

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Vice Admiral John McAnally (R) and the Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery from the British Royal Navy.

Vice Admiral John McAnally has warned that Britain will be forced to abandon its nuclear weapons arsenal if Scotland votes for independence in September.

In an article published on Sunday by The Daily Telegraph, McAnally wrote that Scottish independence poses “the biggest strategic threat” to the UK’s military might.

There is “every possibility” that a unilateral nuclear disarmament would be waiting for Britain, whose Royal Navy’s fleet of nuclear submarines is based at Faslane in Scotland, said McAnally, a former commandant of the Royal College of Defense Studies.

“Today, we can still say with pride that the Armed Forces are one of the great UK brands… Dividing the Union would do them immense damage, leaving both Scotland and Britain with huge bills to make up for the gaps in lost infrastructure,” added McAnally.

“Our relationship with the United States, our status as a leading military power and even our permanent membership of the UN Security Council would all probably be lost,” he stated.

He also warned authorities of the Scottish National Party (SNP), pointing out that their proposed budget would not be enough to establish a new defense force in Scotland.

The SNP is vigorously campaigning for an independent state.

The independence referendum is due to be held on September 18, when Scots will decide on whether they should break away from, or stay with, the UK after more than 300 years of political union.


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