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Australians learning about truth of Syria war

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A group of eleven politicians and academics who traveled in December 2013 to Syria as part of an Australian delegation team are back on home turf to raise awareness about the real events that are unfolding in Syria since the unrest began in 2011.

However the Australian corporate media has seldom demonized the efforts of these individuals, in some cases by falsifying information and misquoting United Nations on Syria in a failed attempt to delude the minds of the Australian public.

Failing to report the finding of the trip by the media in Australia, the group has now organized several lectures and events to educate students and Australians and shed light on the actual situation on the ground in Syria. The group has plans to hold events and lectures on women’s voices in Syria in coming weeks.

Although attacks from some Australian corporate media was aimed at demonizing the Australian delegation visiting Syria, the team is adamant to continue raising awareness about the situation in that country for Australians and will not bow to any intimidation.


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