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Argentineans slam US meddling in Venezuela

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Argentinean people have staged a protest rally in the capital, Buenos Aires, to condemn the United States’ interference in Venezuela’s domestic affairs.

The demonstrators gathered outside the US Embassy in the Argentinean capital, criticizing Washington for plotting a coup d’état against the Venezuelan government.

The protesters also demanded an end to US meddling in the Latin American country’s internal affairs.

Venezuela has been the scene of violent pro- and anti-government protests since mid-February, which have left at least 34 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the recent street clashes have inflicted some ten billion dollars in damage on the economy.

The opposition blames the Maduro administration for rampant crime, soaring inflation and shortage of essential goods.

The president, however, says the opposition seeks to stage a coup in the South American country with the backing of Washington.

The US Embassy in Venezuela announced on Sunday that it is suspending the issuance of new tourist visas due to what it said was a lack of personnel.

This came a month after Caracas ordered the expulsion of three US consular officials, for meeting with student protest leaders “under the guise of offering them visas to destabilize the country.”

In response, Washington also declared three Venezuelan consular officials as personae non gratae and told them to leave the US.


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