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Amateur Surgeon 3's Alan Probe finally decides to perform surgeries on Android

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Adult Swim’s finally decided to unleash the surgery mania with Amateur Surgeon 3 and Alan Probe’s new recruit Ophelia.

But before we begin, we wonder why there’s also Amateur Surgeon 1 and Amateur Surgeon 2 on Android both released by iMosica!? Who is that? Has Adult Swim lost their license rights to iMosica or allowed them to publish their these games? We’ve sent emails to both iMosica and Adult Swim asking them to clarify the situation but strangely none of them answered our emails…

Unfortunately, both of iMosica’s Amateur Surgeon games are broken and not just for us but for everybody as the games have a relatively really low rating because the tongs do not work in these games, therefore the user is unable to play. We’ve separately emailed iMosica and asked them about the tongs issue but we haven’t received any answers for that issue either. A really strange company to say at least…

Unfortunately for everyone, Amateur Surgeon 3 uses the damned IAP system which makes the player almost unable to play the game unless the user decides to invest astronomical sums of money into the game just to be able to play.

Guide on how to finish the game really fast without spending a dime on it

If you have patience and read this article thoroughly, we will guide you on how to fully upgrade your tools, buy all tag partners and finish the game successfully and fast, all for FREE. You can also use this guide for iOS on Apple iPhone and Apple iPad in your Amateur Surgeon 3 because basically the game is exactly the same.

Well you start in the Bunker. Finish off with Mr. Giblets, the future tag partner mut, then move on to PRXY-4. There’s no guide need for these 2 as the in-game tutorial should be more than enough!

Shanks-A-Lot Prison

Ed Scape guide: Use the car battery to electrocute the fleas, pick them up with your tongs, then use clamps on his damaged veins. Don’t forget to take Mr. Giblets with you on this surgery.

The in-game tutorial should guide you on how to deal with Neil File and Dale Break which are really easy. Earnest Pickles is only a combination of Neil File and Dale Break. So no guide needed for these 3 guys.

As of now, don’t try to take Mr. Giblets with you unless it’s mentioned in this article. Why? Because it needs 20 minutes to cool off or 250 coins to instantly unlock him again. So in Shanks-A-Lot Prison you should only take Mr. Giblets with you on Ed Scape. If you think you can do it without him, then definitely go for it, but be sure to inject Ed Scape with health for at least 5 times before you cut him open and begin your operation. Be careful not to lose any lives because you only have 3 lives (Blood Packs). If you loose all, you won’t be able to play unless you pay with real money or wait for more than 30 minutes or so to get new blood packs. Each blood pack takes 30 minutes to recharge. So don’t loose them!

At this point, don’t waste too much time trying to get 3 stars with everybody. You will eventually get to that later. And remember, in order to get 3 stars, you will have to play as fast as you can, without the injection tool and having MR. Giblets with you as your tag partner. This same rule applies for almost surgery!

Mumbo Jungle

Bugbite Mike guide: Capture maggots and hold them captive with your clamps and then quickly electrocute them. After doing it for 3 times, they will finally die and you will be able to remove them with your tongs. Use your vacuum cleaner to extinguish the fire but don’t waste time on it yet as the magots will create new fire… so first get rid of the bugs, then deal with the fire. Keep an eye on your patient’s health and don’t let it drop below 80 (keep injecting him with health). If it drops below that, then it would be really easy to drop to zero and die… You may wanna inject Bugbite Mike at least 7 times with health before even cutting him open.

Sweetmeats Pete is really a pain in the ass for newbies but he’s really easy. Remove the piranhas from his chest, stitch him up, burn him, and before you begin using the healing gel on his chest, inject him 10 times with life using your green injection tool. Now heal up his chest burns, move on to his feet, from there, you just need to use clamps, then tongs to align the veins and his bones and that’s it. Just don’t use sudden moves on him yet if you don’t have your tools upgraded.

Tammy Gracefuls guide: Just use the car battery to zap those snakes, then use the chainsaw on them. Repeat the process a couple of times until the snake dies, then extract it with using your tongs.

Deceased Keith guide: Basically you just have to kill the blue frogs by zapping them with your car battery then burning them with your lighter by chasing them around. Repeat the process until they die. Probably the first poison you deal with as of yet?? There are 2 ways to deal with poison, use the RED injection syringe to remove the poison or simply cut them with your pizza cutter, then use the vacuum cleaner on the small poison dots.

By now you should have the Hospital unlocked. Before continuing your game to Lunacy Falls you may wanna scroll down and read the “Unlimited free Amateur Surgeon 3 coins” section. Why? Because you need coins so you can upgrade your tools and buy tag partners so you can make the game easier. After you read the guide on how to make unlimited coins, be sure to get back here to continue with your guide.

Lunacy Falls

Move on to Lunacy Falls and now the hard part really begins but fortunately, now that you have all your tools fully upgraded, it should be easier.

Batshift Crazy guide: Deal with the 3 bats by burning them with your lighter to wake them up, then electrocute them with your car battery over and over again until they die. As soon as one of them dies, remove it ASAP or dozens of baby bats will spawn out of it in just a few seconds and if that happens then its game over.

Drag Nammit guide: Nothing special about him, just zap the little fleas, cut everything, remove poison as mentioned before, done.

Hisser guide: zap the leeches with your car battery, remove them, remove the poison, done.

Muta Bear, nothing special about him, so no guide needed.


Upgrade Jade guide: nothing special here. Really simple.

Grindarella guide: nothing special here except for the fact that she’s a female stripper going male, a transgender, yuck! She’s similar to Sweetmeats Pete in some ways, read Sweetmeats Pete if you believe you need a guide for Grindarella.

Bumps Grinder guide: All you need to know about this guy is that you need to use the chainsaw in a rotation movement on the on the hard green mucous over his heart, everything else it’s simple.

Reverand Apocalypse guide: This surgery is tricky, get rid of the scorpions by zapping them with the car battery and pinning them down with clamps, then use the chainsaw to kill them. Be sure to check for the random hidden scorpions with your scanner.

Exile Clinic

Muta-Brother guide: Chainsaw in a rotation movement, the huge thing in the middle, deal with the poison as usual, done.

Real Bumps Grinder guide: You will deal with your first frostbites, don’t waste too much time with them, just use your lighter as soon as one of them shows up.

Useful Brother 1 guide: Zap all ants and try to create a circle while doing it so you can zap the remaining frozen ants right in the middle of the circle without freezing your tools, remove them, deal with the frostbites as you did with “Real Bumps Grinder”. If you want 3 stars on this guy, you need to do exactly as you are told. There is only a limited number of frostbites that the ants can create, so use this to your advantage, zap some ants trying to make a circle of frostbites, the remaining ants (more than 50%) will pass through your unfrozen middle of the circle thus you can zap them safely in there without having to worry about new frostbites being created. Remember!? There’s only a limited number of frostbites that the ants can leave behind when they die. First kill all the ants, only after you finish killing them off, you should use your lighter to melt the frostbites. If this is too hard for you, try to create that circle of frostbites using your lighter instead of zapping the ants, but this technique is not as efficient as the first. With these techniques you should be able to finish the game with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining. Don’t waste time on injections, just take Mr. Giblets with you.

If this surgery is still too hard for you and you can’t do it, you may wanna use Officer Brutality as your tag partner on this guy so he can do most of the work for you.

Alan Probe guide: Deal with the frostbites as before, zap the baby frogs then burn them up, kill the frog boss by burning it up a couple of times, each time you do, it will spawn new baby frogs, don’t waste time with them just yet, first kill the boss and don’t forget about those damn pesky frostbites which freeze all your tools.

Back to the Bunker! Hubris d’Obscene guide: The only guide needed for this guy is only for his worms because this is the trickiest part of the game. You zap the little worms and as soon as you do, you just pick them with your tongs. Yeah, if it weren’t for us telling you this, you would have probably tried to chainsaw them, burn them, etc because I known we did, here at XtremLevel (now bought and owned by EUTimes) :) Why? Because up until now, with all surgeries, you usually pick up with the tongs only dead things, never live things, such as these worms. So that’s the trick, you just shock them and remove them. As for the big worm boss, yup you guessed it, you just chainsaw its head like 3 times and you’re done.


Gossamer Rag guide: just burn the little pesky bugs, remove all of them, yeah there’s so many of them, continue as you know by now. Done!

Emo-Shun guide: Deal with the black poison as you do with normal green poison, change its retarded sad face with a retarder happy face, change his black “evil” heart with a rainbow gay flag heart (really pathetic choice by the way). Perfect now he’s gay and he jumps right on Alan Probe! LOL! Just joking.

Chastity Belt: Now this girl just wants to have sex but her “crazy dad” prevented her by putting a curse on her underwear. LOL! So how do you release this girl from her abstinence? Well you vacuum the ghosts and be careful that vacuuming little ghosts, leaves behind frostbites, really annoying! So as soon as you vacuum a few of these ghosts, just use the lighter on those frostbites. Ohh and both bonus stars are really hard to get with this lady without using tag partners. So for Bonus Star 1 use Flow Master so you can reach 10000 points. For Bonus Star 2 use Procrastibot so you can stop the time from flowing as often as you can. There won’t be any further guides on how to get the Bonus Stars because by now you should already know how to deal with this game all by yourself.

You already have a huge detailed guide for Karl Puccino below. Not only you can finish him off but you can make a ton of coins with him.

Unlimited free Amateur Surgeon 3 coins

You may wanna check this out! Operate on Karl Puccino a dozen times or more as you can earn 5000 – 7000 coins per every single match with this guy depending on how good you play and how big your score is. Now here’s the trick! You need to take Flow Master with you every time as your tag partner, paying up 800 coins to recharge him or wait 12 hours until he can be tagged again. You may also take Filthy Nowe. Filthy Nowe usually brings more coins than Flow Master but it costs 1500 coins to recharge him or wait 6 hours until he can be tagged again. Paying 1500 coins to recharge Filthy Nowe may be worth it, but not always.

5164 coins earned with Flow Master on Karl Puccino and as you can see from the screenshot, the Coin Doubler hasn’t been bought

If you do the math, the real earnings with with Flow Master, were 5164 – 800 recharge tax = 4364 real earned coins.

6834 coins earned with Filthy Nowe on Karl Puccino and as you can see from the screenshot, the Coin Doubler hasn’t been bought

The real earnings with Filthy Nowe were 6834 – 1500 recharge tax = 5334 real earned coins

All these big earnings have been achieved WITHOUT buying the “Coin Doubler” with real money.

As you can see Filthy Nowe is much better than Flow Master but it all depends on your game style… My suggestion is to use both Filthy Nowe and Flow Master a couple of times, do the math and see with whom you earn more on average.

You do have to operate on Karl Puccino in a special way so your score will be as high as possible. The highest the score, the more you earn. An average 52000-55000 points with Flow Master, should give you 5000-5700 coins.

You do have to operate on Karl Puccino in a special way so your high score will be as high as possible. The highest the score, the more you earn. An average 30000-36000 points with Filthy Nowe, should give you 5700-7000 coins.

Tips! In order to make these vast sums of coins you do have to operate on Karl Puccino in a special way. Here’s what you need to do. First learn and memorize where the hidden coffee beans locations are. They will always be there, locations are NOT random so you may remember them and next time you play you can just cut open with your pizza cutter to the memorized area without even scanning. This will save you a few seconds which are very useful.

If you’re playing with Filthy Nowe, you can activate him as soon as the game starts and he will remain active throughout the whole game but Flow Master has to be activated over and over again manually whenever he becomes available from your combos.

So, cut his head, cut the remembered locations for the 2 hidden coffee beans, extract all coffee beans, seal the wounds with your stapler, burn them, heal them. By now your tag partner Flow Master should be charged, tag him and don’t forget to tag him over and over again as soon as he becomes available because he is responsible for doubling your earnings. Now cut open only 2 poison blisters and leave the other 2 to grow bigger, instead of extracting the poison with your red syringe, cut them with your pizza cutter by swiping across both of them. Vacuum clean all the new green poison dots with slow vacuuming movements. Do the same for the other 2 remaining poison blisters.

Now here comes the interesting part, the liver… here’s where you’ll make most of your money! Start by cutting open the 2 remembered hidden coffee beans, now use 2 clams on the broken vessels, extract everything, use the stapler, burn all wounds, heal all wounds, again cut only 2 poison blisters and repeat the above technique with them.

Now you’re insider his liver, start by cutting open the 2 remembered hidden coffee beans, use 3 clams on the broken vessels, extract everything, use the stapler, burn all wounds, heal all wounds, again cut only 2 poison blisters but this time, do NOT vacuum all poison dots, instead, vacuum only the lighter green poison dots. Leave the dark green poison dots in there because after a few seconds they will turn into poison wells so you can cut and vacuum over and over again. Do the exact same process for all 4 poison blisters. The more poison will respawn and you vacuum, the more coins you earn. Don’t do this anywhere else except from here because that way you will be in control with your time. Don’t do this while your in his brain or on the outside of his liver. As soon as you see the 30 seconds alert, it’s time to heal everything and get out of his liver ASAP, so you can finish the game and claim your prize. Don’t forget to keep an eye on his health and as soon as all 4 blisters from inside of his liver pop, you may wanna use the stapler on the big cuts so that his life doesn’t drain faster than usual.

If you wanna save even more precious seconds, while operating his brain, you may wanna boost Karl with life by injecting him with health as many times as you can as soon as you done healing everything from the extracted coffee beans and just wait for the 4 blisters to pop by themselves.

As you can see from the screenshots I always push these surgeries to the limit. Often with 2 to 5 seconds remaining… that’s not a good idea though, as you may loose blood packs which requires time in order to get them back.

Spread the link to this article to everyone you know playing Amateur Surgeon 3, because who knows for how long until Adult Swim finds about this easy-coins glitch and puts an end to it.

-Long, it may take a few hours or days, even with our guide, until you get all stars
-Better graphics than Amateur Surgeon 1 and 2

-IAP system
-The existence of Blood Packs
-If you’re an adult, your fingers are big and if you’re playing on a small screen device, you will make a lot of mistakes because of that, if you’re playing it on a big screen tablet though, that will change the whole situation

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