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Albuquerque hit by protests after police executes Homeless Man for Camping

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A large number of demonstrators have poured into the streets of Albuquerque in the US state of New Mexico to protest the fatal shooting of a homeless man by the police.

The demonstration was held on Tuesday evening. The protesters marched toward the Police Headquarters chanting “We want justice,” holding signs “APD is guilty,” and demanded justice for James Boyd, the Associated Press reported.

The demonstrators said the police officers involved in the fatal shooting must be held accountable for the killing. They carried a symbolic coffin through the streets with 22 names of people killed by the Albuquerque police since 2010, according to KOAT.

James Boyd

Boyd, 38, was killed on March 16 by police officers while camping on the foothills of a mountain outside the city.

The police accused Boyd of setting up an “illegal camp” in an open space and fired six times at him.

A helmet camera video showed the homeless gathering his belongings and turning away to leave the area just before the police shot him.

Albuquerque Police Department is already the subject of a US Justice Department investigation for use of force and three dozen officer shootings, 22 of them fatal, since 2010.

Videos of other police shootings have stirred protests before, but the latest video footage has brought harsh criticism from local and state officials and human rights groups.

The protest rally has pushed the city’s police oversight panel to run a probe into the incident.

“The problem is, yes, we need an independent investigation in this incident. But there have been over 20 other incidents,” said Alan Wagman, a member of Police Oversight Task Force and a criminal defense attorney.

The Police Oversight Task Force was created by the Albuquerque City Council to help review the police oversight process.


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  1. Defiant says:

    Killers plain and simple,using similar tactics than nazis.

    Rest in peace James Boyd, justice shall prevail.

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