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26 million in EU, eurozone remain unemployed: Eurostat

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Official figures show that unemployment in the European Union (EU) has increased during the 12-month period ending in January 2014, with around 26 million people jobless in both the EU and the eurozone, Press TV reports.

The EU statistical agency, Eurostat, said in its latest report that unemployment in the EU rose by 17,000 over the one-year time span.

More than 26 million people of working age were jobless in January, over 19 million of whom were citizens of 18 Eurozone countries, Eurostat added.

“You do not have a future without a job,” a concerned Belgian citizen told Press TV.

The Eurostat figures show that 5.5 million adults under the age of 25 are unemployed in the EU. The data also indicates that six out of every ten young people are on the dole in Greece. The situation is almost as bad in Spain and Croatia.

Unemployment increased in 13 EU member states during the 12-month period, with the highest increases being recorded in Greece with 28.0 percent, and Spain with 25.8 percent.

Among the EU member states, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria with 4.9 percent, Germany with 5.0 percent and Luxembourg with 6.1 percent.

The Eurozone jobless rate currently stands at 12 percent.

Critics say the current figures are evidence that European politicians have failed to tackle the issue of unemployment.


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