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Victoria Nuland caught conspiring to overthrow Ukrainian government

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The Americans have recently been discrediting the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as a side act of propaganda. The US has been relentlessly demonizing Russia and its President. Putin’s Financial support and the reaction of rioting protesters in Ukraine by Washington and Berlin is not a collateral act of propaganda, but proof of basic U.S. strategic thinking.

Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Victoria Nuland, confessed the US has “invested” several billions of dollars in the last 20 years for the “democratization” of Ukraine and it is well known that Americans ‘defend’ their ‘investments’ in foreign countries and particularly those of strategic importance.

Victoria Nuland was recently caught conspiring against the Ukrainian government in a leaked phone call with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt which you can hear in the above video. In that phone call, she also said “F**k the EU!” while the US ambassador said “Exactly!”. One may wonder why is the EU or Ukraine even having a diplomatic relationship with this despicable country which overthrows governments around the world and complements their partners like that?

Now after this emerged, Nuland did not apologize for the fact that she was caught conspiring on how to overthrow an elected government, however she apologized for being rude to the EU.

A number of confirmations have come in from readers that Washington is fueling the violent protests in Ukraine with US taxpayer dollars. Washington has no money for food stamps or to prevent home foreclosures, but it has plenty of money with which to subvert Ukraine.

One reader wrote: “My wife, who is of Ukrainian nationality, has weekly contact to her parents and friends in Zhytomyr [NW Ukraine]. According to them, most protesters get an average payment of 200-300 grivna, corresponding to about 15-25 euro. As I additionally heard, one of the most active agencies and ‘payment outlets’ on EU side is the German ‘Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’, being closely connected to the CDU, i.e. Mrs. Merkel’s party.”

Johannes Loew of the Internet site elynitthria.net/ writes: “I am just back from Ukraine (I live in Munich/Germany) and I was a lot at the Maidan. Most of those people get only 100 grivna. 300 is for Students.”

After Libya and Egypt, where the “humanitarian” aid from the U.S. and NATO created chaotic situations and even civil war in Libya, the U.S. plans with its American Zionists that Syria in the coming weeks will be under the threat of an invasion by the willing allies of the U.S. after the Geneva peace talks. Americans and their Islamic Militant allies are going to fail.

Regarding Syria, the Russian position is consistent and clear: We will do whatever it takes to keep the upper hand, which means that if necessary we will engage militarily, because Russia knows that any retreat in Syria will trigger the American Zionists to launch an attack on Iran . Syria was a Russian diplomatic and strategic victory so far. There is now a desire for Washington to make a move on the geopolitical chessboard and reciprocate with a win in the Ukraine. American politics in the Ukraine, starting from the so-called “orange” revolution in 2004, the funding of hundreds of NGOs and anti-Russian propaganda action to install the so-called “missile shield” in countries bordering Russia, all were aimed at integration of this country into the EU and the acceptance of U.S. hegemony. The latest plan concocted by American Zionists for this country is the narrative of a “good “and a” bad” Ukraine. It is needless to say who and what the American Zionists think “bad” Ukranians are.

For the US, the Ukraine, (the word means in Russian “frontier”) is a cornerstone for their strategy in Eurasia. The alliance of that country with Russia for them is equivalent to Texas breaking away from the US. Unfortunately for the American Zionists, efforts to integrate the Ukraine into the EU are doomed to failure. Moscow has many, many, opportunities to exert economic influence in this country and to awaken it as an ally, while also having access to good intelligence, because of its Soviet past. Unlike the allies of Washington in this country who are nothing more than anarchist rioters on their payroll. A noisy minority can not undermine the will and decisions from the majority of the Ukrainian people.

Washington will not abandon its strategic course and will do everything in its power to harm the economic and strategic interests of Moscow. All these things echo the confrontation between the British Empire and Tsarist Russia for supremacy in Central Asia, mainly for the sovereignty of Afghanistan in 1839 and 1878. It is known that then the Anglo Zionists failed to achieve their objective. The modern version of the game is a conflict for supremacy in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eurasia between the US-EU-NATO and the Russia-China-Eurasian Union along with the Shanghai Cooperation.

A New Cold War is already underway.


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