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Obama Jails Catholic Nun, Murders Scientist Who Knew Of Atomic Smuggling

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A shocking new “urgent action” report prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) for President Putin says that the Obama regime has thrown into prison an 84-year-old Catholic nun and murdered her close nuclear scientist friend after the pair had uncovered a plot that was smuggling weapons grade atomic material out of the United States most secure nuclear facility.

According to this report, yesterday, an Obama regime US Federal Judge jailed for nearly 3-years an 84-year-old anti-nuclear activist and Roman Catholic nun of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus named Sister Megan Rice for what The New York Times called “the biggest security breach in the history of the nation’s atomic complex”.

To the exact act Sister Rice and her anti-nuclear fellow protesters, Greg Boertje-Obed, 57, and Michael Walli, 63, committed, this report continues, was to cut a hole in a chain-link fence in the early morning hours of 28 July 2012 where they gained entry to the United States most secure nuclear facility called the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Once through the fence, this report says, these three elderly “protesters of conscience” walked nearly a mile from there, apparently strolling into what was previously thought to be one of the most tightly guarded uranium processing plants in the US.

Once inside, they hoisted banners, spray-painted messages, and used human blood to write messages on a building where uranium is stored. A guard only came upon the three an hour later, at which point they offered him food and began singing.

Once arrested, this report continues, Sister Rice and her two cohorts were charged as “saboteurs and spies” by the Obama regime under the Federal Sabotage Act of 1918, a scarcely-prosecuted law that was signed when the US was fighting in World War I, a charge US Federal prosecutors deemed needed because, they said, this break-in was a serious breach of US national security that put lives at risk.

Even though the highly respected former Loyola University law professor Michael Quigley (and current US Congressman) advised the US Federal Court that these three were not the intended targets of this law by stating “Michael, Greg, and Sister Megan are not the saboteurs, the spies, the bomb making terrorists, or the kind of offenders Congress anticipated when it created the Federal Sabotage Act,” the Obama regime, nevertheless, this report says, fought vigorously to jail them for the rest of their natural lives.

As to why the Obama regime wanted to throw Sister Rice into prison for the rest of her life, FSB intelligence analysts in this report say, was due to her “strong friendship and association” with one of the Oak Ridge nuclear complexes top nuclear engineers, Mark Ferri, 59, [photo bottom right] who was discovered dead in his Salford, UK hotel room on 18 September 2013.

Ferri, led the safe, successful deactivation and demolition work at K-25 (former uranium enrichment facility of the Manhattan Project) since URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR) arrived in Oak Ridge in August 2011, and announced that would will retire from the company at the end of February, 2013.

Ferri was part of UCOR’s original, handpicked leadership team with an impressive resume having led successful deactivation and demolition, or D&D, work at some of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) highest profile projects, including plutonium buildings at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Park in Colorado and uranium and plutonium facilities at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. His career also includes work in the commercial sector, having led deactivation and demolition at Maine Yankee.

Utilizing information obtained from Edward Snowden’s documents analyzed by the FSB, this report continues, US National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) “communication intercepts” between Sister Rice and Ferri in the months leading up to 28 July 2012 Y-12 nuclear complex break-in shows Ferri’s “increasing concern” over the complete lack of security involving nuclear weapons materials and his “strong belief” that a significant amount of them were being smuggled out of the facility.

Sister Rice, along with her two cohorts, this report says, then took Ferri’s information and followed the “exact smuggling route” into the Y-12 nuclear complex he had given to them proving thus proving his claims.

Shortly after Sister Rice and her cohorts were apprehended and arrested by the Obama regime, this report continues, Ferri announced his retirement and fled to the UK where he believed he would be safe from one of the many Obama hit-teams currently scouring the globe looking to eliminate all opposition, a move, which sadly, he was not successful in accomplishing.

Important to note, FSB intelligence analysts in this report say, was that The Guardian, as one of the main holders of Snowden’s leaked NSA/CSS documents, began a collaboration with the BBC-London which was scheduled to interview Sister Rice about her association with Ferri on 26 January 2014, to be followed by an interview with a Guardian reporter who had traveled to the US on 27 January 2014, both of which were abruptly canceled at the last minute by the Obama regimes US Marshals Service which placed a “cone of silence” over the 84-year-old Catholic nun.

In commenting on the Obama regimes “cone of silence” placed over Sister Rice, Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA) stated:

“It’s clear the government is desperate to shut this nun up. She has something to say that scares them—because she wants to tell the truth about nuclear weapons production in Oak Ridge. It is, as Ramsey Clark told us in April, unlawful. That’s the truth Megan has to tell, and the government knows it has no real defense. They were able to get the judge to keep it out of the trial, and they have asked the judge to put her in prison until she is 90 years old, just to keep her quiet.”

As to whom, or to why, the Obama regime has allowed weapons grade uranium to be stolen this report does not say. What is known, however, is that the American people will be the last to know as new reports show that Obama is now placing government officials in nearly all American newsrooms in order to more fully control what these people are allowed to know.

To Sister Rice herself, and as she was about to be thrown into the horrific and brutal Obama regimes ever growing gulag for the rest of her life yesterday, she simply said: “Please have no leniency on me, to remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest honor you could give me.” Words that should, in a just world, echo down the corridors of history along with those of America’s other greatest, and selfless, hero’s.


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