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MWC 2014: Nokia launches Androids, Samsung Galaxy S5

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Nokia announced today its first Android series phones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

Their new Android 4.4.2 KitKat series are entry level phones and Nokia’s Stephen Elop clearly said that their top high-end devices will always remain the Lumia Windows Phone series.

Nokia did not launch only one Android phone but 3! Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL which are all Dual SIM.

The Nokia X has a 4-inch screen with 800×480 IPS LCD, 1GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8225 chipset, 512MB RAM, Adreno 203 GPU, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio FM, a tiny weak 3.2MP camera with fixed focus and only 4GB Storage which happily, it’s expandable via the microSD card slot which supports up to 32GB cards.

Unfortunately though as with all Android phones, you won’t be able to install apps on the external microSD card so the tiny 4GB internal memory can really be a problem for some people.

Both Nokia X and X+ weight 129 grams and pack 1500mAh battery. It’s good for 10.5 hours of 3G talk time and have a maximum standby time of 17 days. Both phones are also capable of maximum music playback of up to 26 hours, while video playback is rated at 8.4 hours before the battery needs a recharge.

Nokia X+ is basically the same as Nokia X but with a better RAM memory of 768MB.

Nokia XL (model name: RM-1030) is exactly the same as Nokia X+ but with a larger 5 inch screen and better camera, a 5MP autofocus camera and a LED Flash. Nokia XL is also equipped with a 2MP front facing camera for video calls.

Nokia XL is the closest to a decent smartphone while the other two are barely even smartphones.

Even though these phones are Android based, they have been reshaped to look exactly like the phones the majority of people do not buy: Windows Phone. You can reorganize the tiles similarly to Windows Phone 8 UI. They are resizable as well and the larger the tiles get, the more information they display but unfortunately for Microsoft and Nokia, their “live tiles” aren’t working out with people! Microsoft Windows 8 for desktop computers also uses live tiles and almost everybody criticized it for that. People want traditional icons, when will they get that already? iPhone uses traditional icons, Android uses traditional icons, and they are both top selling Operating Systems.

Unsurprisingly, the phone doesn’t have the Google Play Services installed, so the Play Store isn’t available. However, Stephen Elop highlighted that users can take advantage of the Nokia store for Android apps as well as the popular Yandex Store.

However it shouldn’t be too hard to install Play Store on the Nokia X Series if you want to. All you have to do is to go to Settings > under the “General” category > Security > and enable the Unknown Sources option.

Now once you’ve enabled the Unknown Sources, you can simply install Aptoide.apk by going to aptoide.com. Now after you’ve installed Aptoide you can simply search for Play Store and install it. There are many versions of it, some may work others may not but eventually you should be able to find a working version of Play Store for your Nokia X phone.


+Beautiful exterior design
+Radio FM, a feature which seems to get lost in today’s smartphones
+Very fast and responsive for a 768MB phone


-Small screen resolution, especially for the XL version, might even be pixelated here and there
-Small internal memory, should have been at least 8GB
-Should have also had a X Pro version with Nokia’s greatest cameras, such as the 41MP camera used in Nokia Lumia 1020

At the same event, Samsung announced their factory spy-enabled Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone which is able to read your fingerprint and send it to the NSA without your knowledge or consent all in the name of “security”. Yet again, Samsung lied about the release date of Galaxy S5. They previously lied that they will release S5 in January but instead they released it at the end of February.

There’s nothing much to be said about the Samsung Galaxy S5 as the phone followed everything exactly to what we already knew from leaks and posted all the way back in October 2013, before the phone launched today.

Unfortunately though Galaxy S5 is a little weaker than what we previously estimated and knew from leaks. For instance we thought that it will have 3GB or even 4GB of RAM but it only has 2GB, less than Note 3. Also we’ve thought that the S5 would come with a true Octa Core CPU based on 64-bit architecture but it didn’t. S5 only has a 2.5 GHz Quad Core CPU.

Following the new trend found in S4, Samsung also removed the Radio FM from the S5. Samsung also failed to deliver the rumored Galaxy F series which was supposed to be made out of a metal body. After all of this, the question is, why would anyone even consider buying the Galaxy S5? It brings nothing new to the Galaxy S4 besides UHD video recording which we already had with Note 3 and the damn new fingerprint espionage function which anyone in its right mind would reject to begin with.

One can say that Samsung was very disappointing at MWC 2014. Definitely a big thumbs down for the Galaxy S5 and for Samsung altogether.


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