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Greek Minister Of Public Order attends Jewish community ceremony

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When it comes to the award of most despised Minister within the Venizelos-Samaras Junta, Nikos Dendias is neck in neck with the Minister of Finance in the eyes of the Greek people. During a ceremony co-hosted by the Jewish community of Athens and Attica on Monday, the incompetent Minister of Public Order was a key note speaker, where he attacked Golden Dawn and read passages from the Jewish book, the Talmud, the second most important book in Judaism which preaches that non-Jews are subhuman, decadence, and tasteless mockery of Jesus Christ.

From the illegal immigrant crime that has caused death, terror and insecurity throughout Greek territory, to the Albanian gangsters who went on a crime spree that went on for months and cost the lives of two innocent Greeks, all the way to the interesting lack of motivation shown by his Ministry in catching the murderous Left-wing paramilitary groups who have killed and have tried to kill again, one would assume Dendias would keep a lower profile. But amidst the blunders and scandals surrounding Dendias, as well as his role in the brazen crackdown on Nationalist dissidents, the Greek people finally had confirmed their suspicions: the rule of law in Greece is second to the laws of the Zionists Dendias really serves.

While the Minister of Public Order has completely failed the Greek people and willfully ignores their wishes, he moved mountains to overthrow the Greek constitution and use illegal means to persecute the political activity of Golden Dawn, which has the confidence of millions of Greeks, when globalist groups gave him the order. He has made clear that he has no interest in serving the Greek people in any way, but instead he is a cheap and vulgar pawn of global Zionism.

Elites at the top, such as Dendias, feel powerful and invincible while in the service of globalist interests, abusing their position and oath to the Greek people in order to unleash a new, vile, and despicable aggravated assault against a legitimate Greek political movement that enjoys the support of millions. The voice of the people is behind the popular Nationalist movement, and not amoral politicians and bureaucrats who instead try to salvage their financial privileges and failing careers in synagogues and foreign embassies. But these who pretend to fawn over their Zionist bosses and despise the manners of the Greek people will one day be judged as they deserve.

In his speech, Dendias addressed Golden Dawn with the same old tired propaganda: “there are some claiming they are not Nazis, but Greek Nationalists. This is hubris, hubris is the presence of Neo-Nazis with the Greek flag”. The parrot like repetition shows these weak slanders are the only defense the system can muster about the very real criticisms and issues important to Greeks that Golden Dawn fights for.

It will not come to any surprise that the man who consistently rails against the Greek people believes it is appropriate to spread verses from the fanatically Talmud. But this Zionist pawn, who pretends to be a democrat, does not even bother to be persuasive at this point. The flimsy lies and abject abuses may receive thunderous applause in synagogues and Zionist events, but it is safe to say that when Dendias leaves the ministry and goes home to his mansion, he privately trembles at the thought of the criticism and anger that is collecting amongst the Greek people in response to his actions.

Being an arrogant, Mr Dendias exposed his self-realizations, making an actual confession of fear: “the causes of the rise of Golden Dawn have been stated and written by many. The dynamic exists when the state remains unreliable and too weak to defend the rights of the citizen.” In a baffling statement, Dendias indirectly admits that the state is unreliable and there is a complete absence of justice… when these are the issues that he is in charge of! Yet instead of addressing such issues, he chooses to express horror, hatred, and feign outrage at Golden Dawn, the only organization of citizens in Greece that seeks to bring about a government worthy of the Greek people and hold accountable those responsible for the current Greek crisis.


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