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Globalist Media Wages War Against Russia's Winter Olympics

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The multi-faceted attempts by Zionist controlled international media to politicize and sabotage the winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia has infiltrated televisions around the world, taking attention off the actual games. Reading from the same script, both global and Greek media rage in unison, presenting Putin as the 21st century’s most vicious and evil dictator. CNN’s around the clock coverage of Russia describes Putin as anti-democratic, while journalists focus on mocking and nit-picking alleged construction defects at the Olympic site, writing long scathing articles about a few square centimeters of frayed masonry in the partition of the Olympic Village.

The Winter Olympics began on February 10th amidst an orchestrated campaign of negative propaganda by the global Zionist media, the media is desperate for this to be a public relations disaster for Russia. The United States and European Union worked tediously to sabotage the events and transform what is supposed to be a celebration of sport and peace into a propaganda defeat for the government of Putin. Moscow’s goal with hosting these Olympics was to demonstrate to the world Russia’s economic and geopolitical resurgence. After recent tensions and head-butting between the Kremlin and Washington regarding issues in the Ukraine, Central Asia, and the Middle East, the White House is trying to turn the Sochi games into a publicity debacle for Moscow.

Virtually no Western leader attended the opening ceremony in Sochi, while their national delegations were objectively second or third tier. Examples of this can be seen by the United States being represented via Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano and the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow… who has already resigned. After announcing that the British are natural supporters of the gay movement, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg banned ministers from attending the opening ceremony in protest of Russia’s law banning homosexual propaganda aimed at children. Even the German athletes were forced to participate in this New World Order charade, with their Olympic team being forced to parade wearing rainbow colored uniforms in system-mandated support for the “oppressed” gay lobby in Russia.

The orchestrated propaganda against Russia regarding “gay rights” and human rights was on the cover of almost all newspapers and television stations in the West before the first race even began. The initial focus of the Jewish Zionist media was on instilling fear surrounding the threat of terrorism in Sochi, which if verified would come from Chechen Islamic extremists who are financed and trained by the United States and its willing allies. Later, they took up the angle of criticizing the cost of the Olympic facilities and the environmental damage suffered in the area around Sochi, as well as some construction defects in the Olympic Village- these stories were played on loop on Zionist CNN and other television stations. No exception was the Greek media, who jumped on the bandwagon, what else could they do knowing they are financed and regulated by the same international Zionist centers of power.

The fact that the media coverage of the Olympic Games in Sochi all stuck to the same agenda reflects the complete subjugation of mainstream media everywhere in the interests of global Zionism. The United States considers Russia to be a serious geopolitical obstacle to its expansionist plans. Washington is aggressively trying to undermine Russia on all fronts, including in Eastern Europe, outrageously claiming that Russia is to blame for the American-orchestrated demonstrations in Ukraine that may lead to civil war and a partition of the country, with the added “benefit” of Uncle Sam installing a so-called “missile shield” targeting Russian territory. The Kremlins stand against America in the Middle East, which has infuriated both Wall Street and Tel Aviv, has thrown a wrench in Zionist-controlled America’s plan for Syria and Iran, who are now playing a crucial role in Russia geopolitical interests. The behavior of the U.S. and Europe in Sochi is guided by nothing except this geopolitical doctrine: Get Russia off the global stage.

The Jewish controlled world media, with the encouragement of Washington, are trying to stain the international prestige of Russia. The goal is to lay the foundations, in conjunction with other pre-planned events, for a possible future military conflict between the two main rivals.


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