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David Cameron's resignation could persuade Scots to stay in UK

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A senior political analyst has suggested British Prime Minister David Cameron should resign if he really plans to retain Scotland in the UK.

In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Ian Williams, Foreign Policy in Focus, London said Cameron’s resignation “would do wonders to get pro-union sentiment in the north.”

“The best thing he could do would be to resign and call another election and I think that another government in Westminster might well do a better job of persuading the Scots to stay in. If he thinks it’s that important he should make the sacrifice,” Williams stated.

He also noted that the British conservative leader is right to claim that the UK is going to fall apart if Scotland was to break away from it.

“Cameron … is one of the reasons why a lot of Scots are actually actively considering separating from the rest of the country because in England they’ve been returning conservative governments for a long time. In Scotland there isn’t a single conservative member in their local assembly,” he said.

The remarks came a day after the UK premier warned that the Scottish independence will jeopardize UK’s stability and damage its international reputation.

This is while, a recent poll showed a surge in support for a Yes vote in Scotland’s independence referendum.

According to the ICM poll, commissioned by Scotland on Sunday newspaper, support for independence has risen by 5 percent to 37 percent from 32 percent recorded in September 2013.

The survey of more than 1,000 over-16s between January 21 and 24 also found that support for a No vote in an independence referendum has dropped by 5 percent over the same period from 49 percent to 44 percent currently.

Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced in November last year that Scotland will have its independence day on 24 March 2016 if Scottish people vote to break away from the UK in a referendum on 18 September, 2014.

The independence referendum could result in Scotland’s break-up from the UK after more than 300 years of political union.


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