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Britons slam government for failing to manage flooding

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The UK coalition government is facing mounting criticism for failing to do enough to prevent flooding, which has crippled parts of the country since almost two months ago.

The government’s response to the crisis was described as “very disorganized” by angry residents of English Thameside village of Datchet in Berkshire, who woke on Tuesday morning to witness their houses surrounded by water.

As water levels on the River Thames continued to rise, local people said they were waiting for the government to offer some help at least, but to no avail.

Frustrated residents in the southwest slammed the government authorities for failing to react quickly enough to help those affected by the devastation. Instead, volunteers are seen giving hand to people to come out of the water coming from the swollen River Thames.

The floods first hit southwest England around seven weeks ago, but they are now creeping eastwards towards London with several homes and businesses inundated.

Prime Minister David Cameron has visited the West Country in an attempt to personally oversee tackling the flooding, which has plunged the government into a bout of ministerial infighting over the handling of the situation.

On Monday, dramatic scenes could be seen in the commuter belt to the west of London with parts of towns such as Staines, Windsor and Datchet submerged by flooding from the River Thames.

This is while with more rain forecast, hundreds more homes face flooding and rail lines are set to suffer widespread disruption in affected areas.

All these come as the country’s Environment Agency has had to endure “massive” cuts to its budget since the Cameron government came to power.

Chris Smith, the agency’s chairman, said on Monday that he had warned the cabinet at the time that the budget cuts would undermine the agency’s ability to defend the country against flooding.


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