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Anti-government protests continue in Bosnia

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Bosnians have continued their anti-government protests for the fourth consecutive day, calling for the resignation of the government and release of the detainees.

Hundreds of people held fresh demonstrations in the capital Sarajevo on Sunday and accused the police of using brute force against protesters.

The protesters were also angry with the government’s inability to address the country’s 44 percent unemployment rate and rampant corruption.

The Sunday’s protest focused on Sarajevo’s central police station, where dozens of anti-government protesters are being held. People have accused police of mistreating the detained protesters.

Addressing the crowd in front of the police building, the head of the local police station, Mirsad Sukic, claimed that no mistreatment had taken place against some 44 protesters, who were arrested earlier. All of them except 10 people have been released.

Seventeen-year-old Harun Cehajic, who claimed he is one of the freed protesters, said he and others were beaten in the police station basement and not allowed to sleep for 26 hours.

“They destroyed us,” he said of the police.

Bosnians stormed the presidential palace and state buildings on Friday, and set them ablaze.

More than 300 people, including police officers and protesters, were injured in the past four days during the worst social unrest Bosnia has witnessed since its devastating 1992-1995 war.

Meanwhile, Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who was visiting the aftermath of the rallies, blamed the European Union for the situation in Bosnia.


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