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US and Israel behind conflicts in Africa - political analyst

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A political analyst says the “dirty hands” of the United States and Israeli regime are behind the ongoing conflicts in South Sudan and the entire African continent, Press TV reports.

In an interview with Press TV on Monday, Stephen Lendman, a US-based author and radio host, described the deadly in violence in South Sudan as “deplorable,” stressing that “the dirty hands of Washington and Israel are behind so much of this.”

Lendman also said the “belligerent” US government and its allies were the main reason behind the separation of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011.

Violence erupted in South Sudan on December 15, 2013, after President Salva Kiir accused Riek Machar, a former vice president who was sacked last July, of attempting to stage a coup. The fighting continues despite efforts to get the government and the rebels to begin formal talks on a truce.

On January 10, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the conflict in South Sudan has so far made some 43,000 people flee to the neighboring states, while 232,000 South Sudanese have been also internally displaced.

Around 10,000 people have also fled north to Sudan, making it the second largest recipient of South Sudanese refugees after Uganda, according to the UN refugee agency.

The analyst further described Africa as “the most exploited continent” throughout the history, adding that the Tel Aviv regime and its western allies are very much involved in the deadly crises in the African countries.

“If the manipulation didn’t go on for control of resources and regional dominance… most of these conflicts either would not happen or they would be much smaller ones,” according to Lendman.


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6 Responses to " US and Israel behind conflicts in Africa - political analyst "

  1. Damien says:

    Gosh, i really want to know. Is Iran bashing US and Israel because of the hate they have? Or they are simply able to report news like this not being part of the “big agenda”. I guess little bit of both, but what can US gain from supporting the conflict? I wouldn’t have believed that US is intentionally causing trouble between oposite sides, especially in countries with not much wealth. But I see the same thing happening in my country. Why ol why US is providing (or provided) support to islamist governments? If their intention is purely for good, for democracy and human rights, they wouldn’t support islamist governments, wouldn’t sell (give away) guns and ammo to minority fighters. Am I just waking up to the fact that they have different intentions? Like divide and conquer? Can they really be this evil? Are they really going for total world domination? Is this their agenda? Will I have to teach this to my kids?

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    • Someone says:

      Dear Damien,

      This is part of the Zionist plan … they beleive they should own and would seize all the land as described: please check:

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Israel (the promised land part)

      so the plots will never end, they are already proceeding with large pace, having seized all Palestine, then expanding to Sinai, Syria, Lebanon… you know history and present (facts)… just read about zionism and how the plan is progressing by the aid of USA. It’s just a matter of “how to” and the “justification” given.

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  2. Putin Read It All, So Did Al Sisi says:

    I totally agree with the article… It’s a well known plot to all Middle Easterns (disentigrating their powers by self destruction and division of lands). There was a very well known plot to divide Egypt into 3 states, one for muslims in the east, one for christians on the west and one for Nubians in the South,and for acheiving this, claims of religious intolerance has to be ignited for the successful execution. The second attempt was the MB that would have led the Country into a civil war, if it were not for God, then Al Sisi, who just shattered the plot. The result is integrated Egypt. I am sure plots will never end and soon enough a 3rd one will be thought of and attempted. Unfortunately, What until now has successfully been prevented in Egypt couldn’t be preveneted in Sudan, or Iraq (Kurdstan), and attempts are on going for all the Middle East (Syria, Iran…) The difference is the “how” and the “mean” for every Country, and of course above all, the false “cause given” to justify the any action to serve the hidden Plot… In the end… Safe Israel?????!!!!!!

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  3. tediam says:

    Get it straight, we Americans deplore what is happening in Africa as much as anyone else. What people don’t understand is that it is jew-Americans that do this kind of crap. They turn Christian and Muslims against each other and sit back and wait for the spoils to come rolling in. Their MO is plastered all over history the ways they do this. America has been the jew’s bitch since who knows when. They are everywhere in US Governments and the world’s as well. Their quest to be – as Abraham put it, “Kings of all nations” has nearly been fulfilled in the free world. They run your churches, even protestant ones now. You have no idea the reach their tentacles have on this world. The Roman Empire faded into nothingness after the jews no longer needed their soldiers for murderously converting the Mediterranean basin’s and Europe’s ancestry into converts to Christianity -their church for the Gentile since day one. Today, the Roman Empire is but a memory, replaced by the Vatican – the jew’s church since day one and still is pure jew at its core today. Look (see: Palestine Occupation, on YouTube) at what the jews have been doing to the Palestinians for centuries in their quest to expand their “promised land” with their ever-expanding, cancer-like wall. They are the world’s worst psycho-criminals and we all need to get educated – not by their false-worldview-inflicting media (they actually do own most of the free-world’s media sources, including Hollywood, your church and your kids’ school-education, to name a few, BTW)- but with sources like YouTube, chat rooms and other truly democracy-driven resources that are ripe with truth.

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  4. tediam says:

    Don’t ever overlook what the jews do to instigate hostilities between peoples and nations: Look up “The USS Liberty on YouTube, or “The Lavon Affair” for starters. Be sure to get the videos with interviews of the crew of the USS Liberty and others that show the truth of what really happened in the Israeli false-flag attacks on us. As for the Lavon Affair, the jews in Israel have a celebrated holiday for the bastards that perpetrated that heinous false-flag attack on our guys. They are so prevalent and influential in our governments that they can perpetrate these acts and get away without any retribution whatsoever. One day, these arrogant pukes will openly laugh in our children’s, or children’s childrens’ faces at how they screwed us all and made fools of us (click here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=we+killed+your+jesus ). Some day they’ll be that secure and powerful in this world and everyone will fear them too much to do anything by then. Only a handful of freedom-fighters, like the few Palestinians who’ve strapped bombs to their own bodies, will have found it too much to stomach then and they’ll die in vein because we became to complacent now. That is the tack the jews have been on since biblical times. As Abraham said over 5000 years ago, “go out into this world and become kings of all nations”. Only by educating ourselves and others of the truth and banding together will we have any chance for a truly free world for our progeny through the future. Understand one more critical thing about them, they are jews. They are jews because they believe they are the chosen people, that their god gave them this world and everything in it to use as they want. WHEN I SAY EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING. That includes you and your’s as wel;l. they believe we, the Gentiles, are born without souls and have no God looking out for us. We were put here as, everything else was, to serve the jew as he deems necessary so that his life is wonderful.As a Gentile you have no rights to anything. If a jew wants whatever you have – he can conscionably take it and say “god gave it to me”. It’s what they’re doing in Palestine and the rest of the world every day. A jew abides the torah that tells him, “If a Gentile strikes a jew – that Gentile shall be put to death immediately”. Also, “The best of all Gentiles should be killed”. Believe it. When the jews commandeered the Roman empire’s soldiers for the conversion process of Europe’s ancestors to Christianity, they went on a thirty-year attack against the freedom-fighters called Saxons. They were an agrarian people who carried pitchforks to battle. It took 30 years to round up over 4,500 Saxon tribal chieftains and village elders and other leaders, like teachers and such. What do you think they did with them? I’ll tell you, they took them all to the River Aller and beheasded every last one of the. The river ran red with their blood. Everyone for hundreds of miles around were forced, under penalty of death, to be there to view this most heinous act of terrorism imaginable. And it was the jew church that was in charge of this. So, if you ever wonder how the world became so “Christian”, there it is. People didn’t “flock” to the “loving-religion” as the jew’s church would have you believe. They took over a thousand years to convert the masses to Christianity with the soldiers, and after one generation after the next became more and more assuaged by the brainwashing the lie took on its own life as people raised their babies to believe it (it was the only hope of survival after all, and thus we have WHAT WE HAVE TODAY. . . .BILLIONS OF CATHOLICS AND THE ONCE-PROTESTANT CHURCHES ARE NOW OWNED BY THE JEWS.

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  5. Luke says:

    Dear readers

    I do believe that as a South Sudanese, this is the biggest yet mistake that the United State of America have ever made. U.S will lost the whole region of Eastern Africa because of this particular case. The world is getting smallest and the Africans are now accessing to U.S intelligences like those of Arab and Asians.

    U.S has already lost South Sudan by supporting Kirr and will continues to lose more sooner

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