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UKIP Britain’s most popular party

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Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Britons view the UK Independence Party (UKIP) as more favourably than the country’s three main political parties, a new survey shows.

According to the ComRes opinion poll for the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror, 27 percent of Britons said they felt most “favourable” towards UKIP, compared with 26, 25 and 14 percent towards Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats respectively.

Questioned about the individual party leaders in the UK, voters put Tory leader David Cameron top on 27 percent, ahead of UKIP’s Nigel Farage on 22 percent, Labour’s Ed Miliband on 18 percent and Liberal Democrat’s Nick Clegg on 13 percent.

Asked about voting intention, about 35 percent chose Labour, 30 percent the Tories, 19 percent UKIP and 8 percent the Liberal Democrats.

A recent survey showed Britain’s ruling Conservative Party will, for the first time, suffer a humiliating defeat in the European Parliament elections this year, finishing third behind UKIP.

The YouGov poll for the Sun newspaper, published last week, found that the Tories would come third with only 23 percent of the vote, UKIP second with 26 percent and the main opposition Labour party would win the elections with 32 percent.

UKIP, which wants Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) and plans to reduce the inflow of immigrants to the country, managed to achieve its best result in local elections in England and Wales in May 2013.


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