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Tablet and Smartphone In-App Purchases are a Rip-off

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In recent years a new trend has started to show-up in the gaming community which is affecting everyone… in-app purchases!

Games, mostly the ones on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone these days come disguised as “free” while in fact they are nightmare-impossible to finish without any real money investment in the game.

The problem is that this type of games have started to infest the real gaming community found in the PC world and in the console world as well (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, you name it!). Online “free to play” disguised vermin games such as World of Tanks or War Thunder for example have severely infested the real gaming community. These games claim they are free while in fact, the player gets no real in-game advancement if it doesn’t invest real money… and a lot!

These awful garbage games are also extremely expensive, they are the most expensive games ever created and in fact they’ve all managed to set world records in huge profits, scamming naive people to pay up astronomic prices.

Let’s bring an example to the table, Global Defense: Zombie War is a fantastic Android tower-defense game. This game looks great and is quite challenging also but this freaking game wants the user to pay up $100 for a 540,000 upgrade points which in fact aren’t anywhere near being sufficient to upgrade all your weapons with. A gamer might need to buy at least 2 of these point packs, making it a huge astronomical $200 just for an Android game which eventually you will become bored with and you will uninstall, sooner or later. Of course you may earn points by yourself without paying up a single dime but that will take weeks, if not even months because the game is meant to give you only a few couple of points, which are almost useless…

The Sims FreePlay, a EA game also thugs around with in-app purchases, asking users to pay up $123 for 3500 LPs which are some sort of gems or crystals used for speeding up actions, purchasing premium items and other things. This game also wants the user to pay $123 for 1,650,000 simeloans (some sort of coins) also used for buying stuff. Of course both of these in-game currencies deplete too fast and yeah you guest it, you need to buy again these wonderful and “cheap” packs. You can’t even unlock the game fully and buy absolutely EVERYTHING in game with these biggest LP or simeloans packs. Now that’s what we call a scam!

Like Sims FreePlay, Plants Vs Zombies 2, a really popular game, also wants $123 for the largest coin pack (450000 coins). PVZ 2 also wants you to buy some plants and upgrade slots separately for real money which together can cost more than $45. In PVZ 1 these same plants and upgrade slots were free, well… not free but at least you could have bought them with coins which were relatively easy to make, now in PVZ 2 you can only buy them with real money. All this while PVZ 1 for PC and MAC costs only $20 and comes on a CD. The game is fully unlocked and you don’t need to buy anything else in order to make it full or finish it faster.

The Tribez, another popular Android game also comes up with with shocking prices such as $100 for 1000 gems which you will spend in no time by speeding up things such as building or harvesting or on converting these gems to food, wood, stone, lumber, marble, sand, coral, glass, copper, paint, coal, polunarium and a lot of other crap. Producing food in this game, is really hard! It takes 30 minutes to plant and harvest only 50 food with pumpkins or 1 hour and a half to produce 140 food with wheat.

To make things worse, The Tribez also wants $100 for 50000 coins, which are also easily spent on unlocking territories for example. It costs 30000 just to unlock one single territory and yes there are more than one plus there are more than one worlds/islands. Additionally, this game also gives “one-time offers” such as enlarging your warehouse for $3 or buying items for $30.

Unfortunately this doesn’t only happen with “free” games. This sort of scamming is happening with all games, including paid-for games such as Plants vs Zombies 1 where you buy the game and then need to buy coins for various uses or Cut the Rope (paid version) where you can buy help. Paid Where’s my Water 1 also brings you the “privilege” of in-app purchases.

And don’t forget online sites like Facebook plays the same dirty game of scamming people into buying up their virtual money with real money.

Unfortunately these are not just a few rare exceptions, these are just random examples. Most of the games on mobile platforms these days suffer of this “In-app Purchase” disease.

Remember that all these points, coins, gems, whatever, are just virtual things which mean NOTHING! You won’t get anything real, in exchange for your REAL money. Not even a damn DVD with your game on it… Uninstall the game by mistake and all your hundreds of hard worked dollars are gone!

This practice of in-app purchases is mind-blowing! Why would these crazed greedy game developers ask so much for their tiny insignificant games which are completed in a few days, weeks or months at best?!?!? when serious game developers for computers work from months to years to release games at prices which the computer gaming community considers expensive. Dead Space 3 for PC on DVD costs “only” $30 to $40 (depending on where you buy it from). Crysis 3 for PC on DVD costs “only” $20 to $30. These are games which required months to years of developments and no mobile platform game comes anywhere near a PC game. So why all these immoral huge prices for mobile platform games? Greed is the answer.

It’s the fault of game developers who have started to show a greed of colossal proportions in a world which suffers of financial crisis and joblessness, but it’s also our fault for buying their crap and falling victims to their scams. In a world of total slavery and control, one is not even allowed to relax by playing a game because now they are way too expensive.

Not to mention about horror stories with parents who found surprise huge sums of up to 4000 GBPs (that’s $6589) missing from their credit cards just because they bought a tablet for their child, installed a few “free” games for kids (for doing that you need a Play Store or App Store account) then gave the tablet to their kids. Now it isn’t science to actually press a few buttons, and the kids ended up purchases stupid gem or coin packs multiple times until they reached thousands of dollars. Are kids to blame? Definitely not! They are just kids! Are parents to blame for not removing their Play Store or App Store account before giving the tablets to their kids? Maybe… but still, this doesn’t justify being charged with thousands of dollars for a freaking game which is advertised as “FREE” to begin with. So this is the very definition of scam. These people were scammed.

Until the matter is solved in some way or another, we urge all governments to ban In-App Purchases on games destined to children and everyone under 18. Unless you install a 18+ game, no in-app purchases should be allowed. Why would they ask children to buy coins in the first place? Would they expect them to have a credit card with money on it?

That’s it for today, back to work you worthless slaves and pay up $1000 to buy imaginary coins and gems for your stupid temporary game which you will play for a while, then uninstall! But then again, it’s democracy… and we’re just Xtrem…


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