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Hungry Shark Evolution the Android Game of the Year 2013

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Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the best Android games on Play Store, which recently just won the TIGA Awards Game of the Year 2013 status.

Future Games of London, a Ubisoft Studio subsidiary made Hungry Shark Evolution so good that even Google Play Store gave this game the “Editors’ Choice” award.

Hungry Shark Evolution stats with a small Level 1 Reef Shark which can earn XP by eating small fish and completing missions. After reaching Level 10, the game unlocks the next shark called Mako Shark which is only a tiny improvement over the Reef Shark. After reaching Level 10 with the Mako Shark, you are given probably one of the best in-game sharks and that’s the Hammerhead Shark.

Hammerhead Shark is more of a middle shark, definitely not the strongest but the trickiest of them all. For example we found that beating up the Giant Crab boss is the easiest with the Hammerhead Shark because it a long lifespan, most of the other sharks, especially the big ones which will be presented later on, die of starvation too fast, before even having a chance to hit the Gian Crab twice.

Fighting with the Gian Crab boss in his layer is not hard at all, you just have to swim boost towards him a couple of times after dodging his claw attacks first but the problem is that the big sharks starve too fast and there’s barely time for you to stick around the crab until he finishes with his attacks. Destroying this crab may reward you with a green gem so be sure to visit him every time you can. Charging the Giant Crab with the Megalodon is almost suicide. Yes there’s food around but it’s too risky, the Megalodon simply starves too fast, you don’t have enough time to destroy the crab and get out safely.

Sure, Hungry Shark Evolution also uses the In-App Purchasing scam-system but at least you can play this game decently and finish it off without having to buy virtual scam-money. Unlocking the entire Hungry Shark Evolution game may cost you up to 70 GBP ($115) because you would need to buy the 900 gems pack at least twice. Only Baby Mega alone costs an entire 900 gems pack. One 900 gems pack costs 35 GBP ($57.5). Two of these 900 gem packs should be enough but still this is extremely expensive game consider that you could buy 2 or even 3 NEW games for PC with completely unlocked features for these money.

As a side note, remember that upgrading the Hammerhead Shark to Level 10 and upgrading its Bite force, Speed and Boost to maximum, is essential before you go anywhere near the Gian Crab.

Next after the Hammerhead Shark, comes the Tiger Shark which despite its longer life bar and advantage of eating expanded Puffer Fish and Gulper Fish, is extremely weak and starves to death way faster than the Hammerhead Shark. Of course you keep on eating non-stop you will be fine with the Tiger Shark or just about with every other shark but should you want to explore the map and get to know it better or if you’re just looking for stuff such as Mission Snail Shells, then you’re done… because the Tiger not only starves too fast but even when you actually eat something the health bar barely recharges, unless you eat something really big and consistent, like humans for example but for that, you have to be at the surface and you can’t always swim at the surface because you have other things to do as well.

Finally! Next, after the Tiger Shark, comes the Great White Shark, the biggest, meanest and baddest of them all. The Great White is extremely powerful and is capabale of eating other Great Whites and Blue Jellyfish. So now when you see another Great White, you won’t need to run away anymore, like you did with the previous sharks, you can go right towards it and charge! Blue Jellyfish won’t poison you anymore, in fact you can eat them now but doing so won’t fill your health bar. It won’t decrease either but eating jellies will definitely neither help you nor harm you, the only advantage is probably that they give you score points and the highest your score is the more money you will get when your shark will eventually die.

Wait! Did we just said that the Great White Shark was the biggest? Well… yeah it is the biggest and most powerful of them all but… only in the real world. In Hungry Shark Evolution Christmas Edition 2013 we also have 3 new mythical sharks. The best shark is the Great White’s ancestor, the Megalodon!!! Ohh yeah baby, a 25 Meter shark weighting up to 100 Tons, larger and more powerful than the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex). In fact the T-Rex was just a quick snack for the Megalodon back in the dinosaur days.

The Megalodon Shark not only can eat almost everything, including Santa’s Bombs, Mines, Fishing Boats, Green and Pink Jellyfish, plus enemy Megalodon sharks, but it can crawl on dry land also so you should definitely raise the number of coins for this shark and buy it as this should be your best money-making machine. You will earn coins so fast with this shark that you won’t believe it.

Electro Shark

There are also 2 more sharks in the Top Secret Button (left to the button Next). There’s nothing much to say about these two sharks, both of them being extremely boring. The Electro Shark can electrocute fish and stun them for a few seconds so they won’t run away from you. In order to use the electo stunning, you need to touch the screen while swimming. The shark electrocute all nearby fish and swim faster at the same time (boost). This shark has the same power as the Tiger Shark and can eat the same fish the Tiger can eat. So therefore it has the same starvation problem as the Tiger, if not ever worse, as the Electro Shark actually has a tiny energy bar and you can’t run around like you can with the Tiger Shark. The other Top Secret shark is the Ice Shark which is basically a Great White Shark. This shark is dumber and more expensive than the Elecro Shark because it can’t boost so unless you’ve unlocked everything else in game purchasable with coins, don’t get the Ice Shark yet.

Both of these sharks can’t stun or freeze larger prey and everytime you will play with them you will start from level 1. The good part is that they reach Level 10 faster than normal sharks, the bad part is that progress won’t be saved so you would have to start over everytime you wanna play these “Top Secret Sharks”.

Ice Shark

Hungry Shark Evolution Tips & Tricks

Now once and if you get your gems, don’t forget to buy the Blood Bath if you want a dose of gore in your game. Its a one time buy and it does absolutely nothing to improve your gameplay, it’s just a visual effect.

Should you decide not to spend a fortune on some really expensive Android game, you can make a couple of gems per match by doing the following with your Megalodon: hunt for Paragliders, Small Fishing Boats, Harpoon Boats and of course Bad Santa as long as you still have him in the Christmas Edition. You may also look for Gemfish but they are extremly rare and hard to find and ocassionaly Kempy Bass gives you a gem. The Giant Crab is also an option for gems but use the Hammerhead for this one. You should mainly focus on these 4: Paragliders, Small Fishing Boats, Harpoon Boats and Bad Santa. Once you get 5 gems out of a match, let your Megalodon die and start over.

An in-game screenshot, jumping for a Paraglider

If you wanna make coins just use your Megalodon as a sweeper, from one side of the map to the other side, jumping flying over obstacles. Resist up to 25 minutes in a match and you should get 10-15k gold coins per match. Don’t forget to eat as much as possible when you’re awarded the Gold Chase bonus.

Perfect items combination: Get the Jetpack for free by completing all missions with all sharks, this item is really useful, get the Witch Hat which gives you +20% Gold, the Gold Ring for +10% Gold, the Dog Collar for +5% Energy and the Eye Patch for another +5% Gold.

Once you raised enough Gold and you already bought everything with gold, you should mainly focus on Energy Items and you may also get the Laser Hat so you can freely stun your prey. Don’t forget to view the Plush Toy item for 250 free gold bonus. This 250 bonus, might come in handy when you’re just at the beginning of the game with the Reef Shark.

Stay away from the baby sharks cause they won’t really help that much and they are really expensive and you can get them only with gems, except for the baby reef which you can get with coins. You may also wanna stay away from the Crab Fork which is completely useless because you won’t find that many crabs to begin with. It’s a 100 gems waste so stay away from it unless you have too many gems…

You may wanna buy the Basic Map, Mission Map and the Treasure Map though. These maps will help you find stuff a lot easier. No gems to do all of this?

Free Unlimited Gems and Coins in Hungry Shark Evolution

There are many ways to get free gems in this game. However we have discovered a glitch/bug in the game which can provide you with an unlimited amount of gems. All you have to do is to start the game, go to Evolve and on the upper right corner tap on the green gem, now go to “FREE” and watch trailers for 1 gem/trailer. After seeing a couple of trailers and getting some gems, you will notice that “There are no more videos available”. You will only get this message if you live anywhere except from UK. If you live in UK then you can watch trailers infinitely due to a glitch on their server, thus getting unlimited gems.

If you don’t live in the UK, don’t worry that’s not a problem, it’s really easy to obtain a free UK IP. All you have to do is to obtain a free UK VPN which is really easy. Click here to get a free UK VPN. You don’t even need to setup an account as the password is universal, for everybody, just remember that the password automatically changes once every few hours, so be sure to check back on their site for the new password. Now with a UK VPN (ANY UK VPN not just the one we gave you) there’s a glitch which allows users to view trailers infinitely, thus legally getting coins and gems infinitely for free.

Don’t know how to connect your Android to a VPN? Pffff! :)) That’s really easy! Just go to your Android’s Settings > More Networks > VPN. And ummm and remember to use your WiFi instead of your carrier network while watching these trailers so that you don’t waste your entire traffic bandwidth.

Hurry up and share the link to this article because who knows how long until they discover this glitch and put an end to it, thus preventing you and others from getting your free precious gems.

We strongly advise you not to waste time on getting free coins because the coins aren’t really a problem in Hungry Shark Evolution. It’s really easy to make coins with your Megalodon shark in this game. It’s not really that easy to make gems though so hurry up and share the link.


-Free to play
-Good Graphics
-Good Audio
-Easy to control, either by Touching your device (recommended) or by Tilting it (not recommended)


-Uses the infamous In-App Purchasing scam system, could have just charged a one time $20-$30 price (which is more than enough for a mobile platform game) and everything else should have been buyable with Gold-only, no gold packs for additional money and especially no gems for additional money
-Sharks starve to death too fast, the bigger they are the faster they die of starvation (especially the Megalodon)
-Bad Santa is just too bad of an idea, he comes to drop bombs and he will kill all your sharks except for one, the Megalodon which is capable of eating his bombs, so if you see him and you’re not playing the Megalodon, just run.

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