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Greek Minister releases over 30 terrorists from prison

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There is no limit to both the shamelessness and heartlessness of Greek Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias. The coalition of the Memorandum has negligently left 30 terrorist – murderers to walk free and Dendias comes out and makes announcements and proclamations. The conditions under which they released the 30 killers raise questions that can not be answered by Dendias, and the fact that there has been no punishment for those guilty, or resignation of the minister himself, shows the magnitude of the corruption we are dealing with.

For those who are unaware, Greece has an insane law that certain prisoners, serving life sentences even for murder, can be released to visit family during holidays such as Christmas and Easter, provided that they agree to return to the prison and register with local authorities while they are away. In the most notorious case recently, Christodoulos Ksiros of the “N17″ Marxist-terror group was released for temporary leave, and this time now that the EU presidency is being seated in Greece, disappeared and went into hiding. Some days ago he released a video vowing to organize attacks on the “capitalist state thieves”, and of course mentioned Golden Dawn.

While the blood from the double murder of our comrades is not even dry yet, and just one day after it’s made public that the police know who the killers are , but “can’t catch them”, Dendias plays with the pain of the parents who mourn his failure and that of these “jackals” who he appointed.

Let’s first look at a quote from Dendias’chief officer in the Hellenic Police: “They know almost who everyone is. But for some reason can not prove their involvement with sufficient evidence or we can not track them down. We now know who organized the attack on the Golden Dawn and almost all those who did the attack on the residence of the German ambassador. “ Let’s find him and let him ask what he meant, let’s ask him who knows who the killer is and for an update on the investigation.

Then let’s use all the “muscle” of the Criminal Code, in order for such inquiries to be made ​​immediately and deliver results. Greece’s counterterrorism and judicial authorities showed great efficiency and speed when they followed this path in order to help the government in its fight against the Golden Dawn, regardless if there weren’t results since the Golden Dawn is pure like a diamond. Why does the coalition government not bother to use this method to find the terrorists, is it because the terrorists do not cost them votes?

The Press Office of the Golden Dawn has given the following statement: “The disastrous duo of Dendias – Athanasios left 35 terrorists free to go out and kill, resign now and let this ridiculous disgrace be known. In regards to the terrible murders of two young members of Golden Dawn, they have conducted absolutely no investigation, the case has been essentially put on a shelf. New Democracy are enablers of terrorism, but puppets like Samaras have not the decency to resign and go home.”


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