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Greek girl returns home after 7 months treatment in US

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After seven months of treatment in a special rehabilitation center in Boston, the 16-year old Myrto Papadomichelaki returned yesterday to continue her fight in a special rehabilitation center in the city of Larissa .

Myrto on December 10th had undergone a special surgery to drain a powerful muscle relaxant, the surgery was successful, resulting in the girl being discharged and able to return home .

The discharge took place on Friday, so yesterday Myrto returned with her ​​mother in Greece, where she awaits her father Giannis and 18 year old sister Elianna. American doctors in Boston at a special center where Myrto was hospitalized videoconferenced Greek doctors about the state of Myrto and then jointly determined the forms of treatment that will follow (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.)

The return of Myrto coincides with the beginning of the trial against this Pakistani, the case was started on July 22, 2012. The Pakistani smashed her head into rocks, raped her and seriously brain damaged the girl the on Greek island of Paros. The unfortunate girl was there on vacation with her mother and sister . The trial will take place in Syros and will begin Tuesday.

The Pakistani liar who committed the heinous attack at first declared a false age (17 years) to try and get a lesser sentence , but then it was discovered that he had lied and he was sentenced to one year in prison for that offense, he is currently being held in the Macedonian city of Grevena in northwestern Greece.

Where the arraignment was being held by the jury in Syros, dozens of anarchists and members of SYRIZA protested outside the courtroom in favor of the beast from Pakistan who raped and attempted to murder Myrto. The Greek media remained silent about that fact, and the Greek-American organizations such as “AHEPA” and “HALC” refused to make statements on what happened to Myrto, despite her being hospitalized here in the US for seven months, despite being notified of it by the Greek Federation of New England! It is time for Greeks to understand how dangerous for the country the alliance of vicious left and illegal immigration really is.

It is also very important to understand why the “conservative” Greek-American lobby of AHEPA and the Hellenic American Leadership Council are deliberately avoiding the story of Myrto Papadomichelaki.

AHEPA an organization supposedly founded to combat racism and violence against Greek people by non-Greeks, somehow always seems to ignore the thousands of Greeks who are the victims of rape and murder today at the hands of non-Greeks.


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