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Caffeine can improve mental power

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Caffeine can improve mental and cognitive functions through stimulating many regions of the brain that regulate wakefulness, arousal, mood and concentration.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University found that those people who regularly consumed caffeinated products had better results on the memory tests.

The study results were confirmed after monitoring the memories of 160 people who did not regularly eat or drink caffeinated products over 24 hours.

The participants divided into two groups, those ones who were given caffeine tablet and the second group without taking caffeine.

The researchers took the participants’ saliva samples to check base levels of caffeine and then they were asked to look at a series of images.

Five minutes later the people in the first group were given a 200-milligram caffeine tablet , equivalent to the caffeine in a large cup of coffee.

The next day, both groups were tested on their ability to recognize the previous day’s images.

Being able to distinguish between similar, but not identical items, is called pattern separation and indicates a deeper level of memory retention.

“More members of the caffeine group were able to correctly identify similar images, rather than wrongly saying they were the same,” announced in the study report published in Nature Neuroscience.

While caffeine could cause negative effects, the people are not recommended to rush out and drink lots of coffee, eat lots of chocolate or take lots of caffeine pills, stressed the study leader Prof Michael Yassa.

“Everything in moderation. Our study suggests that 200mg of coffee is beneficial to those who do not regularly ingest caffeine,” he added.

The benefits might be confined to regular coffee drinkers. Others could suffer side-effects such as shakiness, anxiety or impaired concentration, the experts say.

While too much brewed or percolated coffee can raise blood cholesterol, instant or filter coffee are better choices, researchers recommend.


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