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At least 7 dead in Argentina heat wave

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Residents of Buenos Aires struggling with a lingering heat wave

At least seven people have been reported dead in Argentina as the result of major heat wave affecting the South American country over the past week.

Argentine authorities announced on Tuesday that heat problems have been further compounded by power cuts, preventing many people from using air conditioning to cool off.

Most of the reported dead as well as those most seriously affected by the heat wave are the elderly.

This is while, in Santiago del Estero and other northern provinces temperature has surged to over 45C (113F) with meteorologists stating that it has been the most severe heat wave in the area since temperature record-keeping began in 1906.

While doctors had warned people to remain indoors during the hottest hours of the day, hundreds of residents in the province required medical attention.

The development comes as Argentina’s aging power grid has been struggling to keep up with growing demands for air-conditioning.

Meanwhile, as authorities blame the energy shortage on the unusually hot weather, the opposition has accused the government of mismanaging the crisis.

Moreover, many people are protesting the lack of services as some parts of the city have remained without power for two weeks.

This is while some residents have set fire to garbage bags and tires on the roads, causing traffic jams as many left the capital for the New Year celebrations.


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