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Anti-immigrant sentiments rise in UK

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Anti-immigrant sentiments are on the rise in Britain with more than three-quarters of the people saying that the number of new immigrant arrivals in the country should be limited, a new survey has found.

A survey by the British Social Attitudes showed that almost 77 percent of Britons supported a reduction in the number of the immigrants to their country. Out of the 77 percent, 56 percent wanted the arrivals cut by “a lot” and 21 percent, “a little.”

The study also revealed a sharp divide along class lines, with 60 percent of highly-paid and highly-qualified people viewing immigration in positive terms, twice the figure for workers from middle- and lower-income households.

The survey also revealed divisions among political party supporters, with some 40 percent of Labour party supporters saying immigration is bad and 36 percent saying it is good for the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, 52 percent of Conservatives think Britain’s cultural life is undermined by immigration into the UK compared with 20 percent of Liberal Democrats.

The latest results of the survey come nearly a week after working restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians were lifted on January 1.

British Social Attitudes’ chief executive Penny Young said the study “shows that public desire for a cut in immigration to the UK had begun to rise even before the restrictions on migrants from Romania or Bulgaria were lifted at the start of the year”.

According to Young, there are stark social divisions over the economic and cultural benefits of immigration despite the British public unanimously considering the immigration as too high.


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3 Responses to " Anti-immigrant sentiments rise in UK "

  1. Joe says:

    It’s about time that British citizens anti-immigrant sentiment gets heard around the world . If they don’t protect their economy from third world unskilled labor then they will be as impoverished as the third world immigrants . There are to many impoverished third world immigrants arriving to Britain just to claim welfare benefits . They don’t do the British economy any good because they remit large portions of their paychecks back home to their starving families . How about those third world and emerging countries governments making their economies more attractive for their impoverished peasants to stay at home instead of migrating to Britain .

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  2. Concerned Briton says:

    I would just like to challenge the idea that being anti-immigration and being “anti-immigrant” is somehow the same thing. It isn’t really the same thing.

    The description of “anti-immigrant” is often used by the pro-immigration lobby and the media to try and make it a personal issue against individual immigrants, as though we simply “hate” them for who they are.

    The matter is not one of individuality or “xenophobia”, but the process and change as a whole. The process is immigration and the issue is the ensuing ‘race replacement’ of the indigenous British peoples.

    Not many of us are against anybody for who they are or where they may have come from. What we are against is what is happening to our nation and our people.

    So although I do realise that the title of this article is taken from the original source at pressTV, I hope in the future that this distinction can be made, or that other readers will be able to pass on the argument I have made (that distinguishes liberal propaganda from that of what the issue really is), whenever they are presented with such a ‘loaded’ term as them being ‘anti-immigrant’.

    It may only be a slight difference, and one thing may well go with the other, but I think it is an important distinction to make when talking about immigration as a process and as a whole.


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  3. Lexy says:

    I agree with `Concerned Briton` its not about race, religion or just plain hating on any immigrant or individual immigrant in the least. There is a race replacement process going on however the attitude of our government has been to degrade and humiliate the indigenous unemployed brit while at the same time praise the efforts of foreign workers rather like stoking the fire in my view.Job Centres actually encourage employers to look abroad for staff if they have problems finding them here which is rich since theres so many unemployed here in UK seeking work and that in my view is a betrayal. Then theres the issue of financially over stretched NHS, schools, housing and benefits plus we are out of space. Fact is the UK is a tiny island and its out of resources and space.

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