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US should mind its own business internationally

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A new poll shows that a majority of Americans think that the United States should “mind its own business internationally.”

Fifty-two percent of US citizens believe that their country should “mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as they best can,” according to a new Pew Research poll released on Tuesday.

This is the highest rating ever recorded by the Pew Research Center. The number stood at thirty percent ten years ago.

Following a decade of wars, increasing national debt and domestic divisions, many US citizens believe that their country should not interfere in other countries’ internal affairs but to trade with them.

Seven in ten people view the US as less respected now compared with the past, the poll found. Also, fifty three percent of the respondents agree that their country plays a less powerful role on an international level than it did ten years ago.

Only thirty-four percent of people approve of President Barack Obama’s handling of foreign policy and fifty-six percent disapprove of his foreign policy, the findings suggested.

In addition, seventy seven percent also think that the US should increase trade ties with other countries which amounts to a 24-point increase since 2008 when a financial meltdown struck the country.

According to the 70-page Pew report, there is a widening gap between the US public and American foreign policy experts.

The poll questioned over two thousand adults between October 30 and November 6.


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