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Russian MPs slam EU interference in Ukraine

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Protesters clash with riot police in Kiev on December 10, 2013.

Russian legislators have expressed concern over the interference of Western countries in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Reacting to the growing anti-government protests in Ukraine, members of Russia’s State Duma announced in a Tuesday statement that Kiev’s geopolitical choice is an internal and sovereign right of its people.

The Russian lawmakers further urged Western politicians to stop pressuring Ukraine, saying the move “aggravates” the situation.

Moreover, the Russia’s Lower House has also called on pro-EU protesters to stop illegal actions and solve all problems within the framework of the law.

“Unsanctioned rallies, blocking access to state authorities, as well as the seizure of administrative buildings, rioting, and destruction of historic monuments lead to destabilization in the country and may cause serious negative economic and political consequences for the Ukrainian population,” read the statement, signed by 444 out of 450 deputies.

The Russian State Duma further called on all political forces in their neighboring country to search for a peaceful solution to the situation.

Huge anti-government protests began in Ukraine nearly three weeks ago, after President Viktor Yanukovych backed down from signing an association agreement with the European Union.


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