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Greek parliament illegaly suspends Golden Dawn funding

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Illegal 297 member Greek parliament suspends Golden Dawn funding. Food Drives will continue anyway!

Earlier Today, a vote was made to suspend campaign party funding for Golden Dawn. (241 in favor and 26 against). The “Business Minded” “Democrats” believe that they will stop Golden Dawn in this way, but they are mistaken. Golden Dawn parliament members continue to pay for food out of their own salaries for Greek people, and Golden Dawn New York continues to collect donations from all over the world!

The withholding of funds is made despite no real evidence, let alone conviction of Golden Dawn members as a “criminal organization”. The Greek people continue to see clearly the other political parties willingness to illegally revoke taxpayer money mandated by law to go to a party representing over 1 million Greek voters. The people know who the real criminals are.

Here are some photos from the food drive:


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