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China will not tolerate US military buildup in Asia Pacific

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China will not tolerate the US military buildup in Asia Pacific for supporting regional allies who are in dispute with Beijing over a chain of islands, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

“The US needs to recognize that China will not tolerate US military presence in its waters just as the United States will not tolerate Chinese naval ships off the coast of Atlantic City in New Jersey,” Madsen said in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

Washington and Beijing have been trading barbs since USS Cowpens and a Chinese warship “nearly collided” in the South China Sea earlier in December.

“With President Obama’s ‘pivot’ to Asia where he has redirected a lot of US military assets to East Asia, we’re going to see a lot more confrontations like the one we recently saw between a US Navy cruiser and a Chinese aircraft carrier,” Madsen said.

In his tour of the region on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States would increase maritime security assistance to China’s neighbors amid rising tensions with Beijing.

The top US diplomat pledged $32.5 million in assistance to help members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations protect their territorial waters in the South China Sea where four states have competing claims with China.

Madsen said that “US Navy presence increasing in the East China Sea and South China Sea,” US defense alliances with two right-wing governments in Japan and South Korea and “these naval incidents” were “a recipe for disaster.”

China’s recent declaration of an air defense identification zone over the East China Sea, including air space previously monitored mainly by Japan and South Korea has also put further strain on US-Sino relations.

The decision was criticized by the US and its allies in the region.

On Tuesday, Kerry reiterated that Washington does not recognize the defense zone.

“The zone should not be implemented and China should refrain from taking similar, unilateral actions elsewhere in the region, and particularly over the South China Sea,” Kerry said during his visit to the Philippines.

“China’s announcement will not affect US military operations in the region,” Kerry added.


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