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50,000 Greeks rally in support for Golden Dawn outside parliament

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The traitors cower in fear at the sight, as thousands upon thousands of Greeks are in the center of Athens as we speak tonight, shouting: HELLAS SHALL BE VICTORIOUS!

Reuters Journalist Puppet, Harry Papachristou Reports:

“But the poor turnout of just a few hundred sympathisers showed Golden Dawn is still struggling to recover from the action of the authorities.”

Supporters of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party protest around a flag during a rally at central Syntagma square in Athens November 30, 2013.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside parliament on Saturday to protest the pre-trial detention of their leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, who faces charges of forming a criminal organization.

Supporters of the ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn shout slogans and wave Greek national flags and their party’s flags as they demonstrate outside the parliament in Athens. Thirteen of the parties eighteen MPs are in detention or have their parliamentary immunity stripped from them.

An Anti-fascism protestor holds a poster reading ‘Fascism never again’, as anti Nazi protesters held a rival demonstration nearby, with a strong police presence.

The two demonstrations passed off peacefully as riot police prevented the two rival groups from clashing.

Supporters of the ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn demand the immediate release of their deputies from prison. Some 2,500 supporters protest against the judicial offensive against the party’s officers after the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, an anarchist activist murdered by a Golden Dawn sympathizer last September. The murderer committed the crime on its own and the party should not have been hold responsible for this man’s actions.

The rally was the most high profile public action by the Golden Dawn since the government crackdown against it began it September.

Wearing black clothes, carrying torches and Greek flags the Golden Dawn supporters shouted slogan like “hands off Golden Dawn, don’t jail nationalists”.

Golden Dawn lost about a third of its support after the communist rapper’s murder, even though Golden Dawn was NOT associated with the murder in any way, other than media lies, but recovered some of its losses in October after the revenge killing of two of its supporters, and now has support of 8.8%, according to a poll published Saturday.

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One Response to " 50,000 Greeks rally in support for Golden Dawn outside parliament "

  1. Faxxmaxx says:

    The Golden Dawn is the Nationalist Socialist Party. Commonly known as the NAZI party. Why on earth would anyone support this group?

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