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Saudi spy chief joining Israel for attack against Iran

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Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan is joining Israel to set the stage for a military strike against Iran over the country’s nuclear program, an analyst says.

Not reaching a nuclear deal during the recent Geneva talks reflects “the determination on the part of the Israelis and the Saudis, not only to prevent such an agreement, but it takes even military action against Iran in order to completely destroy it”, Ralph Schoenman told Press TV on Sunday.

“Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has told European diplomats that his government was even considering a major shift away its alliance with Washington joining with Israel and preparing for attacks upon Iran”, he added.

The Saudi official said last month that his country would make a “major shift” in its relations with Washington after the White House decided not to attack Syria and enter nuclear talks with Iran.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan invited a Western diplomat to the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah to voice his frustration with the US administration and its policies in the Middle East, according to media reports.

The latest nuclear talks between Iran and the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany ended in Geneva without a deal. But the two sides planned to meet again later this month.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his outrage over a looming deal with Iran and called it the “deal of the century for Iran”.


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  • Leech

    IsraeliCare – If you have nuclear weapons that you like, you can keep them.

    Israel has that policy for themselves, so why not for everyone in the Middle East?

    For one thing, it guarantees a nuclear war at some future time, so the best policy is for Israel to abandon nukes and rely on conventional weapons. That could remove the incentive for Saudi and Iranian governments developing nuclear weapons, assuming that the US government is done with invading little countries and killing their leaders, a nasty practice that has nothing in common with national security.

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