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Poverty sends Germans to campgrounds

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The rising unemployment rate in Germany has forced an increasing number of people to permanently move to campgrounds in an attempt to save money.

According to a report published by Spiegel Online International on Wednesday, thousands of people have transformed campsites from holiday spots to residential communities.

They say they cannot afford living in urban areas.

“Over the last 10 years, more and more campers have moved in full time,” said Leo Ingenlath, the chairman of the Association of Recreational and Camping Enterprises in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia.

The report stated that, due to a relaxation of laws, tenants are not needed to present certification from their landlords when they register their address with the government, which allows them to choose to register themselves as living at a campground.

Campground websites advertise the option of registering a campsite lot as a main address.

Even Germany’s postal service, Deutsche Post, is now offering tips “on its website to those planning to move to a campground full time,” the report added.

Official data released by Germany’s Labor Office on Thursday indicated that the country’s jobless rate jumped to its highest level since April 2011 on a seasonally-adjusted basis in November.

The number of the unemployed people in Germany increased by 10,000 to 2.985 million in the noted month, the official figures showed.

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) and the European Union’s statistics office, Eurostat, reported in October that 16.1 percent of the German population or approximately 13 million people run the risk of plunging into relative poverty.


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4 Responses to " Poverty sends Germans to campgrounds "

  1. Slothchild says:

    “…they cannot afford living in urban areas.”

    Soon this will be the story in America as well, with Obama shutting down hundreds of power plants, closing entire industries down with ObamaCare, raising taxes, and crushing the life out of what little remains of the US economy.

    Poverty is caused by a failure of the people to practice capitalism, and that failure is usually caused by the government taxing away all surplus earnings so that individual citizens cannot start their own businesses.

    It is no secret that government officials pay themselves far more than they are worth in the private sector, and where taxes are taken, it is a zero sum game – every euro taken by German officials is a euro taken out of the pocket of the German people. If taxes are too high, poverty increases.

    Imagine if these poor Germans had 50% of their wages invested in their own businesses instead of in government “services”?

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    • Defiant says:

      Khm trailerparks khm.
      Just saying.
      Capitalism is the opposite side of the same coin, neither communism nor capitalism exists they never did, its crony capitalism and socialism instead,both are controlled by the “elite” globalist banxter families, to destroy Humanity.

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  2. Slothchild says:

    The first caveman to use a spear in hunting for dinner was a capitalist. He fashioned his weapon from natural resources and his labor, and the spear became his “capital”. Eventually other cavemen wanted spears, and a trade in spears began, as some cavemen who were good at making spears became better off than the rest who had fewer skills.

    If you own something, you are a capitalist, and the more tools you acquire, the more likely that other people will need your help in solving their problems with your tools.

    In nature, a dog will bury a bone for later enjoyment, squirrels will store nuts for the winter, bees will store honey, so the instinct to acquire a surplus is inherent in all living things. All creatures are capitalists in their own way, because capitalism can create a higher living standard than any other system. Like any other system, capitalism can become perverted by evil men. It is not a defect in the system that it can be corrupted, but a defect in its human participants.

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    • Defiant says:

      Thats why it wont work, it can be easily corrupted it takes just one man or a family who accumlated enough wealth that they can surpass their concurance and take monopoly over everything, after that there is no real competition and it usually takes only 1 or 2 generation to get to that perverted state.

      By the way cavemans were just as much communist as they were capitalists in that sense, because nobody was left behind in the same tribe everybody got their share from the hunt or the fruits they collected, sure there was a hierarchy but nobody went hungry even the weakest guy who couldnt hunt got their share,we can say they shared everything in good or bad times, that system got corrupted by feudalism when a guy said Im the leader that forrest belongs to me and just that you know Im noble and you are a peasant and thats the way it will be from now on, crony capitalism is just an evolution of this, during the middle ages the peasants had a tax of 20%, 10% to their landlord and 10% to the church, nowdays how much tax do we pay combined for the govt? In France its a 100% in some cases but usually if everything is counted together the avarage is well above 40-50% both for the US. and EU.
      The US. doesnt controll its own monetary policy since 1913. with the establishing of the FED(as federal as fed-ex).
      Thats a clear violation of the US. Constitution by the way, just like NDAA or the Reinforced Patriot Act.

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