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Killer Molecule can destroy cancer

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It seems that soon the cancer will eventually get the revenge it deserves. The tumors that destroy the lives of millions will probably be defeated with the so called killer molecule.

The American scientists made boast of their invention that can wipe out the cancer cells. They consider it as the first and unique structure that implants itself into the harmful cell and then sets the destructive mechanism working like a ticking bomb.

The molecule adapts perfectly to this environment and reaches its goal within the shortest period of time. And what’s the most important, it doesn’t cause any harm to the healthy cells.

As usually, there are still a lot more researches to make, but even with the current results it’s the breakthrough. And if all the tests are successful, the molecule will go the mass production. Does it mean, that in less than two years a malignant tumor will no more be a death sentence?

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