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Global nuclear conflict between US, Russia, China likely if Iran talks fail

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A global conflict between the US, Russia, and China is likely in the coming months should the world powers fail to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, an American analyst says.

“If the talks fail, if the agreements being pursued are not successfully carried forward and implemented, then there would be enormous international pressure to drive towards a conflict with Iran before [US President Barack] Obama leaves office and that’s a very great danger that no one can underestimate the importance of,” senior editor at the Executive Intelligence Review Jeff Steinberg told Press TV on Wednesday.

“The United States could find itself on one side and Russia and China on the other and those are the kinds of conditions that can lead to miscalculation and general roar,” Steinberg said.

“So the danger in this situation is that if these talks don’t go forward, we could be facing a global conflict in the coming months and years and that’s got to be avoided at all costs when you’ve got countries like the United States, Russia, and China with” their arsenals of “nuclear weapons,” he warned.

The warning came one day after the White House told Congress not to impose new sanctions against Tehran because failure in talks with Iran could lead to war.

White House press secretary Jay Carney called on Congress to allow more time for diplomacy as US lawmakers are considering tougher sanctions.

“This is a decision to support diplomacy and a possible peaceful resolution to this issue,” Carney said. “The American people do not want a march to war.”

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet with the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday to hold off on more sanctions on the Iranian economy.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry “will be clear that putting new sanctions in place would be a mistake.”

“While we are still determining if there is a diplomatic path forward, what we are asking for right now is a pause, a temporary pause in sanctions. We are not taking away sanctions. We are not rolling them back,” Psaki added.

The analyst also noted that Israel and Saudi Arabia are “the usual suspects,” which are “working hand in hand to try to prevent” an interim nuclear agreement with Iran.


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  • Zharkov

    Failed Iran negotiations create conditions for another false-flag operation by Obama:

    Is there anyone who questions the American government’s habit of false flag operations in order to sway public opinion?

    Do you really need a history lesson, going back to the Boston Tea Party where colonists dressed as Indians threw tea into Boston Harbor, the USS Maine incident, the Lusitania sinking, Pearl Harbor, failed Bay of Pigs, Gulf Of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Oklahoma Bombing, the first WTC #1 bombing, the WTC Twin Towers demolition, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon et.al.

    Successive administrations have been using this ploy and refining it for centuries AND you keep falling for it!

    Why would they change their modus operandi when it has proven to be so successful?

    The delivery of this false message has been steadily refined with such incidents as have been played out at the likes of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon – hell, the same actors have been “outed’ at both sites and still people won’t accept that these were all staged events to test the control of the masses.

    Some of you will have seen that recently, 7 very senior US military officials have been “fired” from their posts. They held positions whereby they were in command or control of part of the nuclear arsenal. We have a Senator coming out and saying that a nuclear bomb will be delivered in the belly of a ship in Charleston harbour!

    On the very day that one of the Generals was “fired”, a nuclear warhead was unofficially transferred and is now “in the wind” supposedly under control of the Obama administration.
    This is not a missile, as I understand, but a warhead – it needs to be manoeuvred to position. [Supposedly because Iran does not have the capability to deliver a warhead by missile; hence a missile attack could not conceivably blamed on them].

    With all else having failed, we are now poised for the ultimate false flag operation, whereby a massive nuclear bomb will be detonated on continent America and blamed on Iran with a view to entrapping America into the Middle East war. The Generals that were “fired” were obviously not going to be party to the crime…

    – Jim Jones

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  • Ali

    I love when they post the name of the writer of this post “Steinberg” You can tell after name like that the rest of the post is bios to Israel.

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