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France dismantles Roma camp, evicts 800 immigrants

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French authorities have evicted some 800 Roma immigrants from a campground in northern France, as the controversial treatment of the Roma population in the European country continues.

Around 300 police forces attacked the Roma camp in Saint-Ouen in the northern suburbs of Paris early on Wednesday, forcing hundreds of Roma people, including women and children, to leave the place.

The cleared shantytown is one of the country’s largest Roma camps.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go,” said Cassandra Punca, a 22-year-old mother of four originally from Bucharest who lived in the camp for three months.

“We have no money, we came to France to be able to eat,” she added.

A Roma rights group, La Voix des Roms, criticized the eviction as “an operation of great brutality” that “throws several hundred people on to the streets at the start of winter.”

On September 24, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said most of some 20,000 Roma migrants housed in makeshift camps around French cities could never be integrated into the French society and so should be “taken back to the border” for transfer back to Romania and Bulgaria.

The east European countries of Romania and Bulgaria are reportedly home to the biggest population of the Roma people.

In 2012, around 37,000 immigrants, many of them Roma, were deported from France, which indicated a nearly 12 percent rise from 2011.

France’s decision to forcibly evacuate the Roma camps and send the people back to their fatherlands has strongly been criticized by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.


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4 Responses to " France dismantles Roma camp, evicts 800 immigrants "

  1. Roma says:

    French officials dislike Roma (gypsies) because they are competitors for the wealth of France. Officials prefer to steal from France with tax laws, but French people would have enjoyed watching French public officials deported to Romania along with the gypsies.

    Caught between a tax collector and a gypsy pickpocket artist, most people would prefer the gypsy. The gypsy theft is limited to what you have in your pocket.

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  2. Glock says:

    people, stop using the masonic word ROMA. they are GYPSIES and will remain so for good. they’ve been for a while in europe, so better to deport blacks and arabs to their countries and replace with gypsies.

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  3. marius says:

    Everybody thincs that gypsies are poor and kind!Well,let me tell you the truth:they are not! They have no respect for other people,they are cunning,they are thieves,they are criminals. There is nothing good to say about them.They sould be kicked out from every country and deported.

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  4. Bobby says:

    I personally like the Gypsies, and find them very charming. Music and dance are an integral part of their culture, though keeping written records isn’t. My late friend Sandy Alexander co-starred in a movie about them, and I knew a number in Greenwich Village, where I lives a long time. Yes, theirs is a culture of dishonesty, and yes, they are taught from childhood to cheat and steal, to deceive, to identify people who are weak, superstitious, and vulnerable, and to take advantage of them. The gypsies are all this and more. They let their children play in busy streets, and I’ll bet they can all find a shylock lawyer fast if one gets run over. They have lots of children, and they do not protect them like we do. The smart ones and the agile ones do grow up to be successful Gypsies, and perhaps it is a better name than Roma, for there are good Romanian people, who are relatively honest and decent, who wouldn’t want their name associated with these Gypsies. All this said and more, the Gypsies have culture and charm, they have great creative possibilities, if they will but straighten out without losing their culture and charm. They can be quite loveable, once they become more socially adjusted. They refuse to educate their daughters, but the sons learn to read, so they can read papers, contracts, legal papers. They all know the vocabulary of law. They learn words like felony and misdemeanor at a very early age.
    They are mischievous, lovable rascals. They are very old, and they are very much like the Israelites at the early stage of the Israelite cultural development, when the Israelites themselves were nomadic shepherds, before they settled down. The old name Hebrew comes from the Sumerian word “Iber”, meaning to cross, like crossing the wasteland in search on new pastures for their herds and flocks. Sumerian seems to be the earliest knows civilized tongue. It may well be there is something of a cultural nature in nomadic peoples, always cheating, deceiving, and stealing from the settled peoples. The Jews have an ill-deserved reputation for this, although most are as honest as they could be, because the crooked and shifty ones are so very successful in their dealings with gentiles. The Gypsies may be thought of as Israelites who never settled down, horse traders and fortune tellers. They are nevertheless religious, surprisingly so. The film, KING OF THE GYPSIES, showed a scene where a child explains how, at the Crucifixion, a Gypsy stole the nail intended for Jesus’ heart, and henceforth the Gypsies were allowed to steal, by divine right. Most religions contain some sort of hubris and justification, making them chosen people, in their own sight, at least.

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