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Christians in Syria are criticizing Western Media for ignoring atrocities

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Western media outlets have come under criticism from Christians in Syria for turning a blind eye to atrocities carried out by Takfiri terrorist groups against the Christian community in the war-torn country.

A new report by the news service of the Pontifical Mission Societies highlights the massacre of 45 Christians in the village of Sadad, northeast of Damascus.

The killing marks the biggest massacre of Christians in the Syrian conflict which began in March 2011.

The report also blamed the foreign-backed Takfiri militants for the massacre, and denounced the US government and its mainstream media for remaining silent on the mass murder.

More Christians are now fleeing their homes as the persecution is worsening in militant-held territories in the north.

Christians say kidnapping, rape and execution of Christians are being carried out by Takfiri militants and those affiliated with the so-called Free Syrian Army.

Nearly three years of foreign-sponsored militancy in Syria has taken its toll on the lives of more than 100,000 people, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations, which also show that millions have been displaced due to the turmoil.

The UN has repeatedly warned about the humanitarian situation in the country, saying that over nine million people are in need of urgent aid due to the crisis.


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2 Responses to " Christians in Syria are criticizing Western Media for ignoring atrocities "

  1. tediam says:

    Looking back into history, we all remember The Spanish Inquisition. You know, when King Ferdi and Queen Izza were having problems with jews pretending to be christians, but were still practising their jew ways and stealing and killing to wrest the Gentiles’ properties away from them. These were called ‘crypto-jews’. They were epidemic then and exist today in even huger quantities because it is part of the criminal jew repertoire, or modus operandi. Funny how it was that the King and Queen asked the pope for help with the problem. But guess what!!! The entire catholic church administration in Italy was jew . . . even the pope. The church and the jew banking system was one-and-the-same! It’s how the vatiscam got to be the wealthiest bank in the whole world. If they weren’t using the ‘Constantine’s Gift’ scam to steal everything, they were foreclosing on our European ancestry using their jew banking system that made repayment of any loans impossible due to huge, usurious interest rates. Over the many centuries of The Dark Ages, when Rome’s soldiers were using the most horrendously-bloody, terrorist tactics imagineable to convert the Gentile masses to their hegemonic brand of christianity, the majority of displaced, foreclosed upon Gentiles found their way to the cities to look for work that was never there. Many converted to judaism with hopes of eventually acquiring wealth and living the lifestyle of the pigs. But that never happened; they were never truly accepted into the jewry. As some historians put it, “The Europeans seemed to have a ‘childlike’ innocence”. This made them unsuspecting that a people could possess such a criminal and inhumane spirit. Their lives had been that of a pastoral and bucolic existence and they never really understood the blindside that befell them. They were neither practisers of swindle nor other criminal enterprise, as their interlopers clrearly were, then and now. Just look at YouTube and see how they treat a people on their own lands, the Palestinians. They have sent millions to refugee camps and bulldozed their ancestral homes as they take and take without a care . . . just ae they did our Euro-ancestry. And we’ve all heard the victors’ stories of what happened to them in the late 20’s. But who, really was the victim then? Wow, imagine the laughs they must have at the vatiscam and the knesset whenever these subjects are brought up. Of course, somewhere along the way the jews began allowing in the Gentiles to be preists. Even the popes aren’t usually jews anymore. In any case, the Gentile – whether pope, preist or parishoner, is still as nieve as our ancestors were. But hey, don’t feel too bad Gentile, you may have lost your true heritage and your ancestral homelands, but it was due to the fact that if our ancestors didn’t give in and accept the jews surrogate heritage (the bible), they would have been killed by a contingent of jews in Rome’s army, which they commandeered once they got their false, hegemonous church of christianity into the Roman Empire. Gee, I wonder if any of those so-called Syrian christians are actually cryptos? History doth repeat itself! Let them burn if they are!!!!

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  2. tediam says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention – Today, the displaced Palestinians end up in ‘refugee camps’ in neighboring countries, whereas our Euro-ancestors that were displaced from our rightful heritage and lands ended up in inner-city ‘ghettos’. There, generation after generation tried to survive in the shadows of the jews’ administration. It’s no wonder that, to those who know the truth about the jews, they are called ‘the most hated people on Earth’. I’m sure that, had our earliest, displaced ancestors had strap-on bombs, they would not have hesitated to do what Middle-Eastern freedom fighters have been doing of late. One must understand the jew’s MO. Look up ‘The Saxon Wars’ to see the brutallity the church used to force the Saxons, an agrarian tribe, to accept their bible and render obsolete their true heritage and identity. All this, thanks to the mighty and well-trained Roman Army that they managed to commandeer with their fasle church.

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