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Catholic Church lashes out at Israeli government after bulldozing Jerusalem church

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The Catholic Church has lashed out at the Israeli government, after its property in East Jerusalem was bulldozed to the ground. Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinian flats were marked for demolition just before US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit.

Last week Israeli security forces arrived with bulldozers at a piece of property owned by the Catholic Church in east Jerusalem, close to the West Bank city of Bethlehem. They said it had been built without a permit and proceeded to destroy it.

This provoked a backlash from the head of the Catholic Church in Israel who said the demolition was carried out without any prior warning.

“This act is against the law, against justice and humanity, against any ideology upon which peace can be built and increases segregation and hate,” Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Faud Tawwal told AFP at the site of the demolition on Tuesday. The property had been standing before Israel annexed the area after the 1967 Six-Day War, he said.

This comes amid rumors of Israel mulling its biggest demolition plans in years, as over 15,000 Palestinian flats in east Jerusalem are under threat.

The demolition of flats in the Ras Hamis area, which is next to the Shuafat refugee camp, was announced by posters put up on the apartment buildings themselves last week.

Israel says the homes are illegal and were built without the correct permits.

“The municipality has a clear policy against building illegally whether done by Arabs or Jews in every part of Jerusalem,” said Brachie Sprung, a spokeswoman for the municipality.

She insisted that the destruction of the homes did not constitute a new policy and the timing of the announcement was purely to do with court rulings.

Sprung said that the proposed demolition was for 11 buildings, but the Palestinians said a far larger number were to be destroyed. The flats are located beyond Israel’s West Bank separation barrier but within an area annexed by Israel after the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.

Yehudit Oppenheimer, the director of the Ir Amin, a left wing Israeli non-profit organization, which promotes peace in Jerusalem between Jews and Arabs, said that construction had been severely restricted in other Arab areas of East Jerusalem and as a result the municipality had forced people to move into the high rises now threatened with demolition.

She added that it would be very difficult to demolish the flats “without causing a disaster” since they involved high-rise buildings that are very close together. She said she thought that the demolition order was meant to “threaten” residents.

If the buildings are destroyed then most of the people living in them won’t have anywhere else to go.

“People don’t have money for another home. If our home is destroyed we can only buy a tent,” Issam Mohammed Ali, a civil engineer, who lives in one the doomed buildings, told the Independent.

Ali said that it wasn’t the first time he had lost him home to the Israelis and that he was ready to die for his home.

Daoud Sabha, who used to be a maintenance worker at the Jerusalem Post, used all his redundancy pay and went into debt to buy his apartment.

“This is racism against poor people, who need their homes,” he said.

The demolition order is also casting a shadow over the peace negotiations, which began in July but in actuality, have so far achieved nothing and appear to have been completely fruitless.

To add insult to injury, Israel recently disclosed plans for thousands more settler homes to be built in East Jerusalem and on the occupied West Bank, which sends a clear message that there is one rule for them and another for the Palestinians.

The planned destruction of the Palestinian apartments also threatens to negatively affect a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is due to meet Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday in an attempt to kick start reconciliation between the two sides.

“Israel is destroying every chance for peacemaking. The demolition orders are a slap in the face for Kerry and go against all his efforts to revive the peace process,” said Abdullah Abdullah, the deputy commissioner for international relations in the moderate Fatah movement, to which president Abbas belongs.


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2 Responses to " Catholic Church lashes out at Israeli government after bulldozing Jerusalem church "

  1. tediam says:

    Fellow Gentiles: Do not be fooled!
    The church and the jews are ‘one-and-the-same’; always has been – always will be. The core of the church today is as jewish as it was on day-one of its invention. Ask any rabbi and they’ll tell you the Gentile owes the jew because the jew gave you Jesus. Fact is: There is no way the church can stand a public trial testing whether the church is truly an envoy of true Christianity and all-things Jesus, or just the wealthiest bank in the world using the concept of Christianity as a front. Christianity and the church are two very distinct and different entities. This has been true scince the day power mongers Saint augustine and Roman Emperor constantine colluded to castigate the Donatists from christianity’s realm by labeling them heretics and murdering and disbanding them. It was the Donatists who were a ‘true’ Christian sect; as it was they whom operated according to the true tenets professed by Christ.
    Since its beginning, the church has falsely taught us that they are in constant conflict, discord and hatred with judaism, but they can never explain how it is the church allows only jews to own banks and collect interest on Gentile loans, but not on jew loans.
    Outside of the blatant criminal act of outright stealing our European ancestral lands and other property using “Constantine’s Gift” forgeries, the later use of banking practises like; impossible-to-repay loans (due to usurious invented interest rates and other criminal acts), proved to be a finer and more enduring tool in the duping of the true and rightful owners of Europe and the subsequent confiscation of her finest, crop-bearing properties.
    Look to Palestine on YouTube to see how the jews operate today when they have their own massively powerful israeli offense forces. Then compare this scenario to what our European ancestry had to deal with once the jews got into the Roman Empire and commandeered her army to confiscate the Wealth of Europe using ‘conversion to christianity’ as the key to keep everyone terrorized into submission. You’ll see the modus operandi and signature of a people who’ve been relegated the title “Most Hated People on Earth” by everyone who has had to deal with them directly at work.
    It took over a millienium for Rome’s soldiers to do the church’s bidding and convert the masses, but it worked, and today you can see the result of that braianwashing process at work everytime you see a Gentile carrying the jew bible, which is their heritage alone. The Gentile has no clue that he has no heritage of his own because of what the jew did to his ancestry so many centuries ago.
    The Roman Empire no longer exists, but the vatican does. This can only be possible as long as Gentiles choose to remain blinded by the jew education they’ve forced upon our ancestry during the conversions and today through their ownership of nearly all media sources, beginning with the teaching of their lies to our children in public and, especially, private schools – to the Six o’Clock News and everywhere else they find the opportunity available. They have come a long way since the days when they had to borrow Rome’s soldiers to today where they, not only have their own nuclear-capable military, but have managed to infiltrate every government on Earth and thus, now have their very own country to call home where they remain ‘The Most Hated People on Earth’ and grow stronger every day as they take from their neighbors at every opportunity under the auspices of their self-given title ‘The Chosen People’. As ‘the chosen people’ they raise their babies to believe their god created the universe, and everything in it, for them (BTW, that would include you and your’s as well – they were, after all, huge on slavery. Remember abraham?). And so, their answer to how it is they can blantantly violate international law, commit human rights violations and outright steal Palestine as they do – “god gave it to us!”. We must all educate each other on these truths and encourage unity against these, as Martin Luther called them, “Envenomed worms” when he learned who they really are.

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  2. tediam says:

    Want to understand more of who the jews really are and of their mindset? Check out what they did to Rachel Corrie. Pick some videos here:


    Then go to the link below to see a jew magazine’s article on beloved Rachel and see the delusional way jews see things. And don’t forget to read their comments:


    Then comment!

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