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US, Israel miscalculated Syria power

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A political analyst says the United States and the Israeli regime have been wrong in their calculation of the Syrian government’s ‘strength’ in the fight against foreign-backed Takfiris, Press TV reports.

Mark Weber, with the Institute for Historical Review, told Press TV on Thursday that the “United States and Israel miscalculated in underestimating the strength of the Syria government which has proved firm and resilient and stronger than they had anticipated” in the battle against the Takfiri groups.

Over the past months, the Syrian army has managed to inflict major losses on anti-Damascus armed groups. The army has also conducted successful clean-up operations across the country.

On Thursday, Syrian troops regained full control of Khanasser, a strategic town in the northern Aleppo Province, which links central Syria to the province.

” This is not a spontaneous uprising of people in Syria against the government… it is part of a larger effort to overthrow every regime and every government in the region which does not cooperate with the United States and which Israel regards as an adversary or as a threat to its interests,” Weber added.

He also underlined the long-standing division among members of Syria’s foreign-backed opposition and said the bloc “proclaims a very militant, extremist message of the destruction and hate but to the outside world, it tries to pretend that it is a democratic moderate force.”


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