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Netanyahu, world's biggest hypocrite: former Louisiana Representative

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Press TV has conducted an interview with David Duke, former member of the House of Representatives, about Iran’s deputy ambassador to the UN warning Netanyahu against any miscalculation by planning to attack Iran in response to Netanyahu’s threat of acting alone to stop Iran nuclear program.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, what do you make of the recent comments made by Netanyahu where he is threatening even military action against Iran despite being the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

Duke: I think he is the biggest hypocritical so-called national leader in the world. It is unbelievable that he could stand up before the United Nations and the world and talk about Iran’s nuclear program when he is seating on hundreds of nuclear weapons, horrific biological weapons including all kinds of viruses that are ethnically targeted according to the Times and sources from Israel and on chemical weapons.

The United States of America, the National Intelligence Estimate in my country which is made up of the top intelligence agencies – America has in fact not just one intelligence agency and not just the CIA but many agencies – and this takes the top agencies of America over a dozen and they issued a former report saying that Iran does not have any nuclear … program, period!

So it is just insane to think about an Israeli leader with nuclear weapons trying to argue for sanctions and repression and even attacks. In fact some in Israel even suggested to use nuclear weapons against Iran.

The hypocrisy is amazing but I can tell you something I am very hardened in one way but that I think the world now is seeing Zio-hypocrisy in all of its glory, in all of its clarity and the Zio-media does not know exactly how to handle it because they do not like this process.

It is not simply the government of United States that they dominate in terms of our policies. They dominate our media, they dominate the campaign financing the Republican Democratic Party, they dominate the finances of the country, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and of course the Federal Reserve which impacts every currency in the world. They dominate these things but they are finally, the people of the world are finally seeing the truth and the hypocrisy that exists in the Israeli at the Zionist position compared to Iran and compared with the rest of the world.

Press TV: Well speaking of which, looking at the response from the Iranian side where the representative to the UN has said, that he has warned in fact Netanyahu against any miscalculation by planning to attack Iran, do you think this lack of this hypocrisy and this awareness on the part of the world now as far as Israel goes will count towards this miscalculation on Israel’s part?

Duke: I do not know. What Netanyahu basically said specifically, that if he would stand from meaning that he was definitely implying that Israel was going to strike Iran with a violent attack and of course to attack nuclear reactors.

These are, your program in Iran of course is for the production of legal nuclear usage for energy, for electricity. You have uranium in your country and you certainly want to process it. You do not want your country be held hostage by other nations and all signors of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty have a right to enrich uranium so they can use it as fuel.

And there is no proof, there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran has stepped beyond that boundary and even the United States government intelligence community admits this.

But there is a big disconnect between that and the average thinking on the street because so much of the media, not all of it certainly, but so much of media is so heavily influenced by Zionists who own much the conglomerates of the world’s five largest conglomerates.

Zionists directly own four of the five and as the Times, the Jewish Times Los Angeles has said that the other one is owned by Murdoch but even that one is more pro-Zionist as perhaps pro-Zionist as the other four.

So the five largest media conglomerates in the world are all putting up this kind of garbage or suggesting and that is the basis of the sanctions. The basis of the sanctions against Iran are the idea that Iran is making nuclear …

The truth is the only country that should be facing sanctions right now is not Iran, it is certainly not Syria, it is Israel. Israel is a nation founded on ethnic cleansing, massacres of people, driving people out of their homes, not allowing them to return to their homes.

Israel has committed terrorism year after year, day after day in fact in all of the world assassinations, murders. They have been involved in a course of lot of the bombings and everything in Iran itself and all over the Middle East and there is certainly a lot of evidence that Israel had a lot of foreknowledge at least foreknowledge about 9/11. Their fingerprints are all over 9/11.

Israel also attacked the USS Liberty, American ship in the Mediterranean and you have talked to the members of Liberty, the men who served in Liberty, they know the evidence. Israel purposely attacked this American ship, they were going to do a false flag operation.


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One Response to " Netanyahu, world's biggest hypocrite: former Louisiana Representative "

  1. Leech says:

    Possibly the only reason Israel has not attacked Iran is because Netanyahu knows that would be unlawful aggression under the UN treaty, a war crime, and completely unjustified. It would be horrible public relations and result in Israel becoming a pariah nation.

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