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Greek opposition MEPs released due to lack of evidence

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Prosecutors and investigators came to an agreement, Kasidiaris was released on bail, while Panagiotaros and Michos were released without bail, but all 3 are banned from exiting the country for the time being. John Lagos is still being held likely for political reasons.

It appears that the foreign ordered witchunt against Golden Dawn is collapsing due to its science fiction type accusations. The media will be held accountable soon enough for it’s days and days of bombardment with lies and deceit.

The people’s nationalist movement presses on, Greece will win!

Greek media implies “Evidence of Crime” found in homes of Kasidiaris and Lagos, yet none are found

Our comrades and democratically elected parliament members, John Lagos and Ilias Kasidiaris had their homes ransacked, before the evidence of what the police found was released, the media was claiming all kinds of “Illegal Evidence” was being taken. What they found instead was USB drives, memory cards, and then legal weapons with the permits to go with them.

The media did not retract the earlier implications of course, but below you can see the photos below of what they did to their homes:

Also, the media began talking about a “Golden Dawn Secret Armory” in Agrinio, what police found instead was an empty box for handcuffs, 3 rifle cartridge cases issued from the Greek Army (Every Greek male is required to serve in the Army by law, and these are found all over Greece) and… the big centerpiece of this secret armory: 5,155 grams of tobacco! Too bad Sherlock Holmes was not alive to discover it!

Following this Greek political circus, illegal immigrants “reconquered” parks and plazas in Athens after persecution of Golden Dawn

For years the city squares of Omonia, St Panteleimon and other neighborhoods in downtown Athens were considered “no-go zones” for native Greeks to walk after sunset. Violence, theft, and drugs brought by large congregations of illegal immigrants claimed numerous Greek victims, devastated local small businesses, and made it dangerous for Greeks to simply enjoy their own town. When Golden Dawners began to occupy these town squares they became local folk heroes, citizens have attested numerous times in English and Greek press that these actions drastically increased their quality of life.

However, in the 2 weeks since the beginning of the government and media persecution of Golden Dawn, the same ones who tormented Greek citizens before have “reconquered” the town squares. The absence of a political force that puts Greeks ahead of illegal aliens has caused a return to massive congregations of the latter throughout the parks and plazas of downtown Athens.

Only in the last two nights in the area of Agios Panteleimon, a hardly fathomable 714 people packed into its central plaza. In order to not draw the ire of citizens in these areas regarding the persecution of Golden Dawn, the Greek government has significantly upped a commanding police presence and made some token gestures at enforcing Greece’s existing immigration laws, with 87 arrests for the possession of fraudulent documents, yet 300,000 illegal aliens are still in Central Athens alone.


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