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Greek MP Christos Pappas detained with No Evidence

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The organized conspiracy against the Golden Dawn carried on tonight with the grossly unjust detainment of their parliamentary spokesman and NY Division leader Christos Pappas.

This was done with absolutely no aggravating circumstances and without any suspicion of his involvement in any criminal case. Christos Pappas was labeled an “executive of a criminal organization.” He was given this characterization of deputy leader.

Reportedly he is to be transferred to Korydallos prison, which already holds the Secretary General of the Golden Dawn Nikolaos Michaloliakos and Mr Giannis Lagos.

Subjected to the “martial law of Samaras”, because they had the audacity to stand at the forefront of the struggle for a free homeland.

The morale remains soaring. He now realized that the Hellenic Golden Dawn is the embodiment of fear to of all those who have enslaved the country and try to destroy the future of the Greek people. Our political struggle continues.

A Message from our Comrade Christos Pappas: “Nationalists do not back down!”

The criminal prosecution of both myself and the other MPs, our comrades of the People’s Association Golden Dawn is a miserable, unprecedented and unique political persecution in our country and marks the beginning of a dangerous criminalization of public political life and discourse. The prosecution of ideas of the mind, leading to political life reminiscent of medieval times, aims for our political extermination.

Our political opponents and especially the pro-memorandum occupation government of Samara-Venizelos would also gladly proceed with our biological extermination. The Prime Minister himself, acting as a true politician told a major sunday newspaper: “They will melt.”

Furthermore, the prosecution was intended ​​to act as a further means to intimidate Greek citizens and voters, in a clear demonstration of the “Shock and Awe.” doctrine. His dictatorships doctrine of corruption is shown by the last three years of misery in our country.

· Golden Dawn is a nuisance to the system of kleptocracy with it’s presence of a genuine popular and nationalist force in Greek political life and in the Greek Parliament.

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy with more than 2000 targeted questions by our Members to the Government of the memorandum within the

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy, with activism and the different political and social action of the Golden Dawn.

· It perterbed the system of kleptocracy, with the popular acceptance of our ideas and our program.

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy, that the Peoples Nationalism of Golden Dawn managed to break the political trends, to then become politically dominant with huge popular support. This is dangerous to the dominant system. It is considered dangerous for it’s awakening the people to resist being in permanent repression.

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy, that both inside and outside the parliament, we did not compromise and did not become identical to them. It bothered them the popular acceptance of our ideas and our program.It bothered them with the long term effects of our rising popularity.

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy, the real prospect of a Golden Dawn mayor winning in the upcoming municipal elections. The certain election of our candidate Elias Kasidiaris.

· It perturbed the system of kleptocracy and international power centers, international moneylenders, known as ‘lobbyists’ and their puppets of the coalition, our steadfast faith in opposition to the dominant destructive spirit of a modern Orwellian scenario and enslavement of people and of activists in the History and Culture of our nation.

· They are annoyed by our firm belief in the pillars of national life such as loyalty to the fatherland, religion, and family.

As far as I am concerned these are ridiculously fantastic scripted charges. Our political persecutor and faithful servant of the loan sharks wants to break us down.

I have my honor, my faith and my idea. I will do my duty for our homeland, God and Society. Many, in addition to my comrades, who know me, know full well that I am not a criminal.

I want to make known the above, to the Greek people, who understand, see the truth and the political hypocrisy and the unjust persecution of us. Know that dozens of parliamentarians of all factions of the Greek Parliament have been associated with them (the loan sharks) in committees, meetings, etc. However I am sure they will not dare to confess this.

I am proud to serve the legal and illegally persecuted political party of People’s Nationalism. I am a proud Golden Dawner. I am proud that the General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos, other than being the leader of the Golden Dawn is a friend and a brother. I will not change my ideas. Nor will I give up my honor. I will not submit to the loanshark bosses enslavement of my people.

Long live our Homeland! Hail the unenslaved Greek people! Long live the Golden Dawn!

Chris H. Pappas
Inside the Greek police detention facility
October 3rd, 2013


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