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Greece to become energy dependent after deal with Israel

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On August 7, 2013 Golden Dawn published an article called analysis of the positions of the Golden Dawn for the use of Greek energy wealth and our negative attitude towards the prospect of Israeli involvement in this huge national issue. A few days later, we responded officially to this lobby in response to the words of the President of the American-Jewish committee David Harris. The visit of Samaras in Israel and the statement of the former Justice Minister, Antonis Roupakiotis leave no doubt. The conspiracy against The Golden Dawn is derived from foreign power centers and benefits those that are trembling in fear from the rapid rise of the Nationalist Movement, because it is the only political force that can stand in the way of their interests. Here are two relevant articles that reveal the root causes of illegal persecution against the Nationalist Movement. Making us energy dependent on American Zionists and responding with the national protection strategy of Golden Dawn.

The visit of Samaras in the U.S. coincided with the signing of a Memorandum between Israel, Cyprus and Greece regarding energy. Behind the celebrations and regime propaganda lies a great truth. That truth is that Greece becomes a de facto protectorate of the American Zionists when it comes to energy. This is followed by the sale of the National Transmission System of Natural Gas in Azerbaijan it’s state oil company. The U.S., with excellent backstage politics, managed to push out Russia. Regarding the sellout of Greek energy, an article was written by eminent economist Galbraith: “A gas monopoly is a machine that produces money with steady profits and turnover. So why would anyone give up such a stable source of revenue, to collect some money today? “. Eventually we ended up in this current situation, the rights to exploit the enormous energy reserves of our country by foreign rulers. The theory of the joint axis Athens-Tel Aviv against Ankara is completely a myth. This is a huge fairy tale, and we do not believe the Nea Demokratia members who like to propagate it.

Turks and Israelis are well known, documented allies and partners, and that truth is not going to change. The supposedly common defense policy between Greece and Israel is a betrayal of our national interests, particularly at the level of joint drills in which Jews can plainly see all the secrets of our national defense. The role of orchestrating these developments is seemingly by the USA. How well the game is rigged can seen from the following fact: Just one day before the signing of the agreement between Greece-Cyprus-Israel in Nicosia Cyprus, a visit to the island was made by the “U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy”.

Amos Hochstein

This gentleman, of course with the nice, red blooded American “Anglo Saxon” sounding name of Amos Hochstein (!) Is the Obama appointed guy for dealing with any aspect of this major issue. Just hours before he holds a private meeting with Samaras. The main aim of this meeting by Washington was to block permanently the self sufficient use of Greek energy by Americans. Thus, the Coalition of The Memorandum gives up everything even before completing the investigation of what exact resources our country has. This policy is treasonous against our national interest. The Golden Dawn holds a specific position and strategy, which will be applied when the country has acquired a truly national leadership with only Greek interests in mind.

THE DOCTRINE OF THE GOLDEN DAWN: The philosophy of the Golden Dawn foreign policy is based on the doctrine of strategic depth. The Greece has enormous strategic depth, which can ensure inexhaustible power and international influence. The strategic depth of Greece is the Aegean area and the maritime extension reaching to the island of Cyprus. The geopolitical value of this area and it’s still untapped sources of wealth can not only help to solve the contemporary economic problems of our state, but also to earn our country a prominent place on the international economic and strategic chessboard.

SINGLE DEFENSE SPACE: Application of Joint Defense space between Greece and Cyprus, would along with economic collaboration amount to de-facto unity of the island with Greece (Enosis). Now that Cypriot natural gas is the focus of international interest, it should be Greece and not Israel that is the guarantor for the integrity of Cyprus. The Greek F-16 and not the Hebrew f-15 should be docked at the airport in Paphos. There will be an immediate need to create a Greek Cypriot energy pipeline destined for the European market.

OIL-GAS: According to Deutsche Bank, there are certainly rich natural gas deposits in the south of Crete, worth 427 billion euros in a time frame of revenue of about 8 years. These estimates involve only the area south of Crete and no confirmed natural gas reserves in Western Greece, nor the oil fields in the northern Aegean, whose extraction operations began in 1973 (interesting time). When those of the “Student Movement” saw that extraction in 1973, they opposed it and called the Government a “fascist junta.” Now they have all grown up and somehow now they are ready to sell everything to the international loan sharks who have magically discovered the Greek energy.

The answer of the Golden Dawn to this attempted robbery of our national wealth is simple:

Immediate nationalization of all energy exploration and the recovery of profits from their hands to the Greek people, the aim to make Greece a strategic energy hub.
International invitations to undertake the huge project of exploration and extraction of oil and gas within the Greek economic zone, with Greece remaining firmly in control of what is extracted.
Draft a defense agreement and launch military cooperation with states in which it is possible to have an agreement on geopolitical interests, rather naturally and deliberately encouraging a rivalry for whose ventures will outbid their competition for the exploration and use of our energy resources so Greece can maximize its economic benefits.

These steps will create huge potential for large profits from oil and natural gas across the length and breadth of the Aegean Sea, and from the geographic triangle between Crete – Cyprus and the Dodecanese islands. Essentially this will transform Greece into a major force in the sensitive geopolitical region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

On Monday, August 26 came the official reply of the Jewish lobby in the U.S., which is reproduced below in our article:

Official Answer from the American Zionists in response to our Article on the Greek Energy Solution:

Trembling from the rise of our Nationalist Movement, Zionist lobbies in the USA fear the transformation of Greece into a centralized force in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The president of the most powerful Jewish American organization ( the American Jewish Committee) and mighty agent of Zionism in the U.S., David Harris, responded officially to the literature of the Golden Dawn. The positions of the People’s Association on energy and geopolitical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean have been dealt with very seriously by the Zionist lobby. This time hissed our article: “Against being a protectorate of the American Zionists- The national strategy of the Golden Dawn.”

They have understood that the Golden Dawn is the biggest danger for their vicious plans. They know that a strong nationalist Greece will cease to be a protectorate of both the US and the criminal Zionist state and will become a central force in the Eastern Mediterranean. The response of the Jew Harris is very indirect and contains no substance. It does not touch on any of our positions on energy issues or geopolitics. Instead of course we see for the thousandth time unrelated nonsense about “Neo-Nazism” and “3rd Reich”. It is no coincidence that all parties involved in the selling out of our country follow the exact same line and rhetoric.

We read about it in today’s newspaper “Ethnos”: “David Harris has sent many warnings about the impact caused by the rise of the Golden Dawn. It is probably not surprising that the head of the American Jewish Committee chose to respond personally to what Member of Golden Dawn Elias Kasidiaris said of Greece, calling it an “energy protectorate of American Zionists.” he even argued that cooperation between Greece and Israel constitutes “treason” and that “Turks and Jews are de facto allies and partners against Greece ‘… Still hopeful D. Harris says that beyond absurdity of these claims is a tragic event, the presence of a party such as the Golden Dawn in a country that lost 10% of its population in the struggle against the Third Reich. The most interesting thing is that the head of the American Jewish Committee believes that the Golden Dawn “feeds” off the economic crisis and for this reason urges Europe, the United States and international financial institutions to support efforts to restore a sense of hope, possibility and development for the future of Greece … The intervention had many observing: Please note that the response David Harris wrote in regards to Golden Dawn’s Elias Kasidiaris characterization of Greece “energy protectorate of American Zionists, ” was published on the website of American Jewish Committee, which is read every day by thousands of visitors, many of whom have a dominant role in the global financial system. The intervention of the head of a Jewish American organization is even more important …”

Reading the full text from the website of the American Jewish Committee we see that indeed none of our arguments are refuted. Instead they are met only with insults and threats towards Greece. The essence of this case is based of one thing: The Jews were so comfortable in recent decades with the corrupt political system and it served their interests perfectly. Now they have begun to tremble in fear because of the rapid rise of Golden Dawn. Predicting in the near future Nationalists would be rulers in Greece. The above prospect frightened the American Zionists so much that they will do anything, no matter how unethical or illegal. The Zionist lobby in the U.S. starts the current war we experience as a political movement in Greece (bans, black propaganda from media prosecutions waivers of immunity of MPs etc). The focus of their concern is not on”Nazism and the 3rd Reich” that they try to parrot to mislead people. The focus is revolving around the vast energy reserves of the Greek territory and maintaining dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean, the most sensitive geopolitical area in the world.


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