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German Ambassador: 'Now that Greece is being sold, we shall invest'

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The German ambassador in Athens Wolfgang Dold, spoke of investments planned to take place in Greece by German companies. When will they invest? After the EU, IMF and others directed entirely from Berlin, are finished looting everything in our country. Then the Germans and other foreign entities that exploit human souls will “invade” to analyze everything. Public property already is being sold by the memorandum coalition in addition to private property of the Greeks.

“A significant number of German companies are planning to invest in Greece and are now waiting for the right time to implement their plans,” was the phrase of the German ambassador in Athens. This says it all. Included is a proposal of the “occupation” plan against the Greeks. They plan to take advantage of the debt and control the country. They plan to reduce wages to allow companies to implement pay scales equivalent to that of China. The politicians continue to push grueling taxes on Greek citizens for the sole purpose of increasing the amount of foreclosed properties, which they can then acquire at huge discounts.

The above statements were made in the 11th business conference organized by the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Germany. Of course, this was not a random time and place. The plan for decimating our country is guided purely by international and domestic sharks and their goal is for Greece to be sold completely.

Eventually they plan to replace Greeks with a mass of third world immigrants who will not complain or have issue with working for third world wages. These international loan sharks know that a slow ethnic cleansing of Greeks will result in both the economic and geopolitical conditions being ideal for them.

Until that time, and while Dold “Waits for the right moment” The only solution for Greece is the immediate rejection of the catastrophic memorandum policy, denial of payment for the illegitimate debt and a return to self sufficient production.


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  1. Guest says:

    The Greeks should go back to goat herding before they sell out. How much did they spend buying military hardware? How much did they spend to show off on the Olympics?

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