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Evangelos Venizelos: Anyone against our bailout plan is the equivalent of Golden Dawn

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These unscrupulous and heartless puppets of the pro-bailout coalition, are the willing servants and agents of the international loan sharks who fanatically obey the wishes of their masters and desperately fight the Golden Dawn, because they know that we are the only barrier to their unpatriotic plans.

One of the most ardent supporters of foreign occupation forces, is the megalomaniac “Il Duce” of PASOK named Evangelos Venizelos. He has for all practical purposes stated that whoever goes with the anti-bailout stance is essentially identical to the Golden Dawn. This statement by the politicians is a real badge of honor for us and demonstrates if nothing else, the real reason why they so viciously attack the Movement of Greek nationalists.

This partner of the international moneylenders can see clearly the struggle for freedom from slavery to the memorandum in the Golden Dawn, which is presenting a national liberation concept. Both he and his “responsible partner” Antonis Samaras are the main 2 puppets responsible for the surrender of our national sovereignty, both men feverishly push the open attack on the GOLDEN DAWN.

The extermination of Greek nationalists is essential for them if they are to succeed in the sellout of everything . They will also do anything to keep their small little club of thieves in power, they have gotten used to it and do not want to let that go so easily. So they will not hesitate to do anything in order to ensure that no danger will threaten their domination of the Greeks. They will persecute an entire political movement, even one with immense popular appeal. This shows that they have no limits. They next will begin to create thought crime laws for all citizens to stop them from resisting their plan. Their oppression of our people will become increasingly more and more visible.

They attack us because the System is afraid of Golden Dawn’s rise to 20%

After 40 years of scandals, corruption and the destruction of national sovereignty, the Greek state made arrests of active parliament members and our party leader. Why is the Golden Dawn prosecuted by the law?

The system knew that by the end of summer Golden Dawn would arrive at and perhaps surpass 20%! Everyone knew that there was no way in any election to form a government only with New Democracy/ SYRIZA / PASOK. So in this case the only opposition was the Golden Dawn!

The “constitutional” arc did not like this course of events because it was the beginning of the end and waited for the opportunity that arised, using the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. From that day with an incredibly coordinated action the “democratic” news undertook its goal to destroy the Nationalist People’s Movement. Bear in mind that this is the same press who defend with such passion on a daily basis the memorandum and harsh austerity measures against Greek people.

At the same time almost all constitutionalists say that the arrests are beyond the limits of legality and are being held by a government initiative, not based on proper judicial process, so we are talking about political persecution.

Yes the Golden Dawn is a nationalist party that was voted in democratically by 500,000 of our fellow citizens and only they are responsible to decide on who get’s elected right? Wrong!

The coalition opened a can of worms after the system decided to punish those most afraid of what is happening and not responsible for destroying our country.

The Greeks are now suspicious and reactionary and will not swallow what they are being fed. Especially after the thousands of felonies (financial and otherwise) that have been committed in our country by politicians and political parties over the years who enjoy complete immunity from the establishment.

The Systematic Coup Against Golden Dawn

Some brief comments on what happened on Saturday:

1) This is the first time since the fall of the junta that the leader and MP’s of a parliamentary elected political party are arrested and put in jail.

2) The system is claiming Golden Dawn was preparing a coup. Of course, how a coup were to be launched with sustained police raids of our offices and homes of leaders, random and reasonless detentions and arrests, and a climate of terrorism created by the Left-wing dummies of the system is not explained. The real coup, however, is the one launched by the Memorandum’s coalition of misery, and “other democratic forces”, against the only party rising in the polls.

3) The whole operation was designed in the well-known centers of usury and world domination , only local agents were its executors!

4) The prosecutions accusations against Golden Dawn were studied by prominent independent legal expert M. Dimitrakopoulos, who concluded that the case will collapse with a loud thud. What will be the answer and where will they hide, those orchestrators and performers of this persecution then?

5) The channels of billionaire thieves are celebrating this act as a “victory of democracy”. The people, however, know them well as the propagandists hiding the real situation in Greece. Simultaneously, anti-Greek international media, the same ones who condemn Greeks as “lazy” and deserving of their current predicament, are also rejoicing at this political repression.

6) Golden Dawn will stay, and the truth will triumph!


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