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65% of the Greek Households in Debt

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In light of the arrogant and brazen internationalism courtesy of Antonis Samaras and the unconstitutional and unlawful persecution of the leader and Members of Golden Dawn, he is now expecting people to give a “thank you” to the international usurers, who with the help of this domestic political puppet continue to steal from the Greek People.

The lackeys of militant journalism sunk to the lowest depths of rot and corruption, attempting unsuccessfully to turn the public opinion against the Golden Dawn, in a frantic attempt to salvage the privileges of their bosses. To achieve this, they made up stories like us “slaughtering lambs in villages to practice killing”, finding thousands of weapons (which have not been found, but they insist) saying we want to drive tanks into the parliament and other fairy tales. The news that really is shocking, not covered by the propaganda regime, nor the soiled pages of the yellow press is that of 65% of Greek households are in debt!

This is not a figment of the imagination and not an exaggeration of Golden Dawn as some may claim. This is the result of information collected by the General Secretary for Consumer Affairs (GSEE) and talk that our people are being driven to financial ruin and then to extinction.

Unfortunately for the sick minds of the regime who create propaganda and crime against the Greeks, the People’s Association-Golden Dawn can not be accused of the same thing. If it was like that, it would be played in all forms of media with pompous titles and descriptions of terror. One can only imagine the headlines.

GSEE, estimates that those households who received a mortgage loan from 2008 onwards, are unable to pay, so they sink automatically into the status of slavery interest, of which this enriches the financiers and maintainers of this vicious and corrupt post-dictatorship Regime. Note that even 2 and a half years before, the proportion of indebted households amounted to 10%! It does not take a math genius to figure out what is happening.

At the same time while this unprecedented crime is occurring, the government-funded journalists have undertaken the contracted work of slinging mud at the People’s Nationalist Movement, seeking to portray it as a threat to the Greek people and their freedoms. Yet the actual evidence of crime right in front of our people’s faces requires no journalistic lackey to say: It is the continued impoverishment of an entire people, the vile theft of their work and sacrifice, phasing out all prospects for survival. The perpetrators have gone against the People and the Country, and the Greek people know them well. That is why the voice of the Greek Nationalists will never silenced!


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2 Responses to " 65% of the Greek Households in Debt "

  1. Zharkov says:

    Any country can immediately become prosperous by enacting laws which make it a tax haven for its own people.

    Greece, Spain, Argentina, all could discover the enormous power that economic liberty gives to its citizens. They need do only one thing – to change their laws to drastically reduce or abolish most taxes.

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  2. SLM says:

    Interesting read.

    Also, interesting read here:


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