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30 million living in slavery worldwide: WFF report

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A report by an international foundation on modern slavery has revealed that nearly 30 million people are enslaved across the globe.

The index released by the Walk Free Foundation (WFF) on Thursday said the slaves are either trafficked into brothels, forced into manual labor, fall victims to debt bondage, or are even born into servitude.

Almost half of these people are in India, where “by far the largest proportion of this problem is the exploitation of Indian citizens within India itself, particularly through debt bondage and bonded labor,” the survey found.

The index also showed that aside from India, the problem is most rampant in the West African country of Mauritania, where four percent of the population is estimated to be held in slavery.

The report by the Australian-based group described Mauritania as a nation with “deeply entrenched hereditary slavery,” where “people in slavery may be bought and sold, rented out and given away as gifts.”

Benin, Gambia, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Haiti and Nepal are among other countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery, the report said.

The WFF index ranked 162 countries on the number of people living in slavery, the risk of enslavement, and the strength of government action to counter the illegal activity.

Figures indicate human trafficking along with arms dealing is the second largest industry in the world after drug dealing.


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3 Responses to " 30 million living in slavery worldwide: WFF report "

  1. Bobby says:

    Kindly note that none of those countries are Christian.

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  2. Leech says:

    More lies from the globalist criminal syndicate for the purpose of milking the cash cow public in Western countries. Mainstream media is bought and paid for by the ruling class.

    How tightly are mainstream news media controlled by the ruling class?

    Compare publication dates and news article titles deliberately planted in the mainstream news media:

    Oil theft in Nigeria: A murky business, The Economist, 3 October

    Nigeria fund invests $200 mln as oil price cushion, Reuters, 25 September

    Elleville tilstander i Nigerias oljebransje, Aften Posten, 21 September

    Theft plagued Nigeria pipeline shuts again, Reuters, 20 September

    Profits from stolen Nigerian oil laundered overseas, Marketplace, 20 September

    Fighting the export of stolen oil, Marketplace, 20 September

    Nigeria looted oil money ‘laundered abroad’, BBC News, 20 September

    Nigeria: Stolen Nigerian crude oil and profits laundered around the world, AllAfrica.com, 19 September

    Stolen Nigerian oil threatens legitimate global trade, Bloomberg, 19 September

    Criminal networks blamed for Nigeria oil theft, Financial Times, 19 September

    Chatham House says stolen Nigerian oil threatens global trade, Businessweek, 19 September

    Nigeria oil theft a global criminal enterprise, Fox News, 19 September

    As oil thieves bleed Nigeria, Report says, officials profit, New York Times, 19 September

    Report: Oil theft in Nigeria has worldwide impact, Voice of America, 19 September

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  3. skreamer says:

    With so many slaves, you’d think i would be able to buy one on the net!…but no!
    None on ebay!

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