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15,000 Greeks to be kicked out of their homes by the government

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Now that Samaras has kept his word to the US Zionists about repressing Golden Dawn in every way, Samaras and his government now proceed to keep their promise to the international money lenders. He is now lifting his axe getting ready to evict 15,000 Greeks who due to circumstances of the crisis cannot meet their mortgage obligations.

The finance and development ministries have for the initial wave identified 15,000 cases of loans that are in the red with assets attached to them. Now the government will give them a choice, either sell off or go into foreclosure and into the street.

So far according to reports coming out of Brussels, these Auctions will begin in 2014, yet there are other leaked sources claiming that this could start as early as the end of next month.

It is clear that after this mockery of our justice system made with the attempted criminalization of Golden Dawn, the government is now switching gears and continuing it’s relentless assault on Greek people. They believe Golden Dawn has suffered a fatal blow and with nobody to stand in their way, they can increase their efforts to pillage the country. They are mistaken, the Greek people have not taken the bait, and they will never forget this brutal attack on them from Samaras and his lackeys, the fatal blow that will be delivered, will be that to this oppressive regime by the Greek People.


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One Response to " 15,000 Greeks to be kicked out of their homes by the government "

  1. Dr Jay Veeoh says:

    Big bankers are not nice people and should be prosecuted accordingly (jail ,gallows)
    Politicians can be voted out.

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