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Where's My Android Apps?

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Where’s My Water 2 has recently launched exclusively on Apple iPhone’s iOS platform, in a new Apple-only new fashion, ignoring hundreds of millions of Android users.

Even though iPhone users account for only 13,60% of the world market share (as of Q2 2013), comparing to Android’s vast 79,50%, Disney has ignored these statistics and made a grave mistake. To make things worse, they even released Where’s My Water 2 for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS which accounts for a tiny insignificant 3,90%.

Unfortunately though Where’s My Water 2 isn’t the only iPhone only sequel game launched for iOS only (or at least temporarily). PopCap has also launched Plants Vs Zombies 2 for iPhone only in July 2013, with the promise to release Plants Vs Zombies 2 for Android after sometime “this fall” (more than 3 months later).

Other games such as Amateur Surgeon 3 by Adult Swim has also launched for iPhone only but what could we expect when Adult Swim hasn’t moved any of their previous Amateur Surgeon games to Android? Not even Amateur Surgeon 1 or Amateur Surgeon 2 have been moved to Android and these games were launched 2 years ago, back in 2011, so the probability of ever having these games on Android is probably zero.

There are many games similar to Amateur Surgeon, such as famous tower defense series Sentinel 3: Homeworld for example. Apple’s App Store also has Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 but they are nowhere to be found in Google’s Play Store.

Boycott? Conspiracy? Evil plot against Android users?

So what’s happening? Why would game developers make their games specifically for iPhone users only? Why would they miss such a huge opportunity of 80% of Android users? Why would they ignore them? Well it’s the reason is more than obvious. Apple and Microsoft are most likely acting like street gangs, paying up developer companies to release apps exclusively only for their operating systems in a bid to influence consumers into buying their products and ignore Android products.

In some cases these tactics probably work. There are people out there who only want to have vast amount of apps and couldn’t care less for their smartphone/tablet’s performance, and an Android device is as complex and functional as a desktop computer. There’s a vast list of things and Android device can do that iOS can’t do. And Windows Phone isn’t too far from iOS. Both these operating systems are competing for incompetence.

Heck, Windows Phone 7 was even launched without a copy/paste function, while Nokia’s N series based on Symbian OS (which is dead now) which dates from as early as 2005, perfectly performed copy-cut/paste functions. Nokia N70 is a perfect example in case some of you need one. So Windows Phone basically needed update 7.1 Mango just to bring a basic function such as copy/paste. That’s how bad both iOS and WP are. But were not gonna get into that. An example was more than enough.

In most cases however people do care about performance and about having a complex device (either smartphone or tablet) and that’s exactly why Android accounts for 80% of world market share and through this dirty marketing tactic, Apple and Microsoft may be able to bite some of Android’s 80% market share but not too much because Google could start to pay game developers just as well.

In the mean time, there are loads of great games which we are missing on Android and we hope the developers will change their minds soon.

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