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US will bomb Syria with long-range bombers, official says

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US stealth B-2 bomber

An American national security official has reportedly outlined Washington’s war strategies for Syria, saying the US administration is preparing to use B-2 and B-52 bombers for a potential military strike against the country.

President Barack Obama’s national security team is preparing for a “significantly larger military attack than most had anticipated,” ABC News reported.

The unnamed official told ABC News the military action could do more damage to forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “in 48 hours than the Syrian rebels have done in nearly two years of civil war.”

“The air campaign which is expected to last at least two days will potentially include an aerial bombardment of missiles and long range bombs fired from B-2 and B-52 bombers flying from the United States,” according to the ABC News report by Jonathan Karl.

US B-52 bomber

“That in addition to a relentless assault of Tomahawk missiles fired from those four Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean. Those ships are loaded with nearly 200 missiles, plans call for firing the vast majority of them,” it added.

In an interview with CNN, a US official also characterized the long-range bombers as options.

“You can employ stand-off weapons from an aircraft, just as easily as from a ship or submarine. Aerial assets can be used from a distance,” he said.

Other reports also indicated that the US military was preparing to employ greater firepower to reach shifting military targets.

“The revised options under development include the use of Air Force bombers to supplement US destroyers in the Mediterranean,” The Wall Street Journal said.

The B-2 and B-52 bombers are equipped with joint air-to-surface missiles, designed to destroy both mobile and fixed targets. The missiles’ primary advantage is that they allow pilots to operate outside the lethal range of most hostile air defense systems.


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2 Responses to " US will bomb Syria with long-range bombers, official says "

  1. Zharkov says:

    The point of such a massive US attack is to murder Assad under the pretext of “punishing” him for the use of war gas – for which one rebel faction admitted the gas attack.

    All of which has about as much logic as Bush punishing Iraq for the US being attacked by Afghanistan; and the NSA spying on Americans after America was allegedly attacked by arabs.

    The US government suffers from group insanity, or is it group stupidity?

    Nothing the Obama regime does has even a trace of national interest involved. It’s all for a different agenda. A world tyranny agenda called “Global Governance”.

    Unless they are stopped now, before they get us into a nuclear war.

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  2. Zharkov says:

    1. Right of Interference with other States.

    Nations are equal in respect to each other, and entitled to claim equal consideration for their rights, whatever may be their relative dimensions or strength, or however greatly they may differ in government, religion, or manners. This perfect equality, and entire independence of all distinct states, is a fundamental principle of public law.

    It is a necessary consequence of this equality that each nation has a right to govern itself as it may think proper, and no one nation is entitled to dictate a form of government or religion, or a course of internal policy, to another.

    No state is entitled to take cognizance or notice of the domestic administration of another state, or of what passes within it as between the government and its own subjects.

    (a) Grotius, de Jure Belli et Pacis, b. 1, c. 3, sec. 8; Vattel, Droit des Gens, b. 2, c. 4, sec. 54; Rutherforth’s Inst. b. 2, c. 9. The principle of non-interference with the internal policy and government of other states was emphatically declared by England and France in the autumn of 1830, and new strength and solidity were thereby given to national freedom and independence. But the right of intervention exists when impending danger requires it, as when it is necessary to prevent aggression by preventing the dangerous accumulation of the means of attack.

    “No governments,” said General Washington, “ought to interfere with the internal concerns of another.” (Sparks’s Writings of Washington, xi. 382),


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