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Syrian Activists Form ‘Human Shields’ Around Military Installations

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Will Obama take the ultimate step to embodying ‘war criminal’ status?

Syrian activists have taken to forming “human shields” around military installations in the capital of Damascus in efforts to discourage the Obama administration from authorizing “limited” military strikes on the Syrian regime.

According to RT, a coalition of activists have placed themselves around the predicted target of Mount Qasioun, an installation northeast of the Syrian capital of Damascus home to “security and military buildings” as well as Syrian regime armed forces.

“Protesters rallying beside the place called themselves a ‘human shield’ and hold banners featuring slogans such as ‘No more American bombing democracy’ and ‘Hands off Syria,’” RT reported today.

“We are here to express our loyalty to our country in the face of American threats,” a participant reportedly told RT, adding, “We don’t want what they did in Iraq over chemical weapons claims to be done in our country.”

Should Obama authorize military strikes in the face of this form of protest, he will have assuredly assumed the role of war criminal, if his past transgressions haven’t already earned him that title.

Late last month, we documented how the Syrian people were already hard-pressed to find places they could safely hide from Obama’s “humanitarian love bombs” should he sway in the direction of cruise missile strikes.

“We live in the capital. Every turn, every street, every neighborhood has some government target. Where do we hide?” one panicked Damascus resident told Reuters.

“What about my friend?” asked another woman whose family was lucky enough to escape to a safe area. “Her whole family lives in this neighborhood. There is no place for them to go.”

Apparently unfazed by the UK parliament’s historic “no” vote last week in response to Prime Minister David Cameron’s request to attack Syria, Obama, bellicose members of Congress and a compliant lapdog media have been undeterred in their efforts to try to convince the American people chemical weapons used in Syria pose a serious threat to American interests, despite the fact no evidence has been produced directly implicating the Syrian government.


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  • Erwin

    How Americans can afford to do ‘limited’ military strike in Syria if there’s human shield around the area. How Pres. Obama can say about the childrens present also in the human shield? How do he feel? Can he see the picture above? Do he don’t have a children? My heart strike by an explainable feelings about these childrens……….’cause I have a child/children/baby that I love so much.

  • Amerika: the terrorist

    Americans must be VERY proud of their “democracy”, spread all over the Middle East #:-S


  • Tre

    Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. I don’t like war. And the way America goes about preparing for war or “limited strikes” is just dumb. Why warn the enemy weeks in advance??? This is why we failed so miserably in Iraq. If the US had a stronger leader, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China would have all been dealt with swiftly and on to the next thing. assad should be charged with war-crimes which would effectively remove him from power without further bloodshed or delays. The internationally community should recognize one non-extremist Syrian government or Leader and give support to protecting him and his country. No need for American strikes UNLESS Russia and Iran continue supporting terrorists.

    • Really

      “Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. I don’t like war.” This far I agree, mut do you really think in this way
      “This is why we failed so miserably in Iraq. If the US had a stronger leader, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China would have all been dealt with swiftly and on to the next thing” & “No need for American strikes UNLESS Russia and Iran continue supporting terrorists.” You sound like a terrorist yourself, but no wonder as your leaders are the real terrorists. Life is not about dealing things swiftly and calling everybody terrorists though you didnt say it that way, I said it. Your awesome country is the one going pokeing other countries and making things worst, and ofcourse we are to blame other high-position leaders. And what do you think a country is gonna do when other coutry attacks it, it’s gonna defend, like USA would if any of us would grow some balls and put down your government for all the shit it has doneand is doing. Actions and reactions happen with normal human logic, this ain’t science, although it’s made to look that way so people would stay under the mirage of being a part of something like a country or what ever, but fuck, we’re all humans, right is right and wrong is wrong, and nothing above has to do with justice and human rights under any normal human logic.

  • Denna

    As an American, please believe me when I say that the MAJORITY of Americans do NOT support Obama in his campaign to strike Syria. MANY Americans, myself included, do NOT believe the propaganda being spread by our corrupt media and the despot in the White House!!!

    • Really

      The day when military act turns on and you need to defend yourself, hopefully the majority on Americans have understood the reality and rise against the government and I wish we foreigners could be helping you then but I fear the same is gonna happen everywhere else, so we need to stand brave and together we will demolish the corruption out of this planet.

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