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Israeli Cruise Missiles Fired At Syria Destroyed By US Navy

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A new urgent action report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) for President Putin today states that specialized forces operating the highly advanced Vityaz air defense system in the Southern Military District detected the launching of two Popeye Turbo SLCM ballistic cruise missiles from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine patrolling in the Eastern Mediterranean whereupon they were “nearly immediately” destroyed by a US Navy Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer operating in the same region.

The Vityaz air defense system guarantees the detection of enemy ballistic and long-range cruise missiles at blastoff and is currently being deployed along the entire Russian border; while the Popeye ballistic cruise missile is the type used by Israel during its Dolphin submarine 5 July attack on an arms depot in the Syrian port city of Latakia that targeted a contingent of 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles; and the Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers are the United States Navy’s first class of destroyer built around the Aegis Combat System and the SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar making them some of the most feared warships in the world.

According to this MoD report, these ballistic cruise missile launches took place at 10:16 am Moscow time (0616 GMT) with the Israelis first denying any knowledge, but subsequently stating that they were conducting missile tests in Mediterranean.

As to the exact method the US Navy utilized in destroying these two ballistic cruise missiles this MoD report does not speculate upon, but a review of an Australian Air Force technical report [Technical Report APA-TR-2007-0402] clearly shows it can be done, but only at great expense and using First-World technical skills and 21st Century technology.

With Syrian President Bashar Assad warning that any military strike against his country would spark an uncontrollable regional war and spread “chaos and extremism,” this MoD report says, the Israeli motivation for launching these ballistic cruise missiles earlier today remains “highly suspect,” a situation made even more dangerous as all International treaties require advanced notification prior to conducting any tests of this type.

This MoD report further states that the launching of these ballistic cruise missiles could have been a test of Russian military capability to detect these types of launches and Kremlin resolve to notify the entire world immediately upon their detection.

In the former the Russian military proved its ability to immediately detect these types of launches, and in the latter the Kremlin, indeed, showed it would not hide from the world any knowledge the West was attacking Syria.

Though not explicitly stated in this MoD report, but speculated upon, Russian defense intelligence experts contributing to it note that Israel may have been attempting to start this war by an unprovoked attack upon Syria that would be blamed on the Americans and whose effect would be the starting of at least a wide-ranging regional war, or at its worst, World War III.

As to why Israel would want to start a major war lies in its “demographic time bomb” of a population that is pitting the Jewish states main factions (Zionist-Haredi-Arab) against each other with mounting fears of civil war growing by the day.

With the Haredi religious movement in Israel bound by three oaths, (1) not to settle in Israel by using force or violence, (2) not to make war with other nations and (3) not to act as if the other nations of the world would persecute Israel; and their booming population numbers, these strictest of Jewish sects have aligned themselves with Israeli Arabs and who both now control over 30% of the population.

To the reason(s) as to why Syria is now the main target of this war lies mainly in the machinations of Saudi Arabia, especially their current intelligence chief Prince Bandar who last month the Libyan Defense Ministry warned delivered Israeli chemical weapons to Syrian terrorists.

Confirmation of chemical weapons being delivered to Syrian rebels by the Saudis were confirmed by Turkey this past May when seven terrorists from the al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusrah Front were captured in antiterrorist operations in Adana, Turkey, and two kilos (4,5 pounds) of sarin gas were found in their apartments.

Further confirmation of Syrian rebels using chemical weapons were detailed by the United Nations whose investigators proved their use against the Syrian army at least 5 times by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists this past year.

Even the latest chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians has been put squarely at the door of Saudi Arabia, and as we had previously reported on, Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta admitted to Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for the 21 August chemical weapons incident which Western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia.

“From numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families….many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the (deadly) gas attack,” writes Gavlak.

Even though all of the major US mainstream propaganda media organs are still refusing to tell the American people the truth about what happened in Ghouta, the same cannot be said of the respected Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) organization who when analyzing the Obama regimes evidence for war against Syria against the Associated Press report written by Gavlak, found the latter to be more credible.


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15 Responses to " Israeli Cruise Missiles Fired At Syria Destroyed By US Navy "

  1. icculus says:

    Keep it coming.

    Power to the PLO!

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    • one who knows says:

      plo are jihadists.
      u forget that IDF evicted tens of thousands of settlers from gaza strip and gave all that land to hamas in chance of peace…
      but guess what ? u cant do peace with jihadists..
      until palestinians won’t reform their character which say that EVEN AFTER establishment of palestinian state hamas will still be committed to recruit jihadists and the extermination of jews/israel there is no point of giving palestinians jihadists more land..

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  2. David says:

    smile) It has been our strategy for quite awhile to surround Israel with hyper advanced anti missile tech so they couldn’t start WW3 laugh This just shows the world how awesome America is. Super bad L-)

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  3. badlimey says:

    This is bogus, the only missiles launched by the Israelis were the Sparrow Missiles.

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  4. woody says:

    Court Marshall all US miltary and Naval officers and crew and impeach the our idiot president for issuing this order. This idiot will allow Ireals enemies to attack her with impunity because he and his demoncrat party are enemies of Israel.

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    • one who knows says:

      save your breath.. it just didn’t happen. the whole story is a bogus by iranian tv

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  5. James Woroble Jr says:

    That submersible jew turd should be sunk like their other one last month.

    I have serious doubts it was the US Navy that destroyed these subsonic missiles so quickly after launch, just as I have serious doubts it was the Syrian Navy that sank the jew’s sea kinish last month. The Russians are way too modest.

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    • Sevi says:

      It might be good to replace the word “Jew” with “Zionist” since many Jews are good peace-loving people. They just have the unfortunate situation of being governed by an evil Zionist dictator, who thinks he is untouchable by anyone and beyond that, the US will have his back. But sooner or later, the whole world will realize that the Zionists have created ALL the war and oppression and murder of the past 100 years, especially against the Palestinians. This will end as they are revealed as the real enemy of humanity. Not Israel, but the Zionists who dominate the Israeli government and other governments of the West. Their fall shall be great and a great relief to the world!

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      • johann says:

        ofso jew is not the same as sionist?
        what about this:
        “You Israelites are only worthy of being called men, as the other peoples of the world are not worthy to be called men, but beasts.” (Baba mezia, 114 c. 1)
        “When someone is evil appetites are taking hold their senses, allow me to go to some place where he is unknown, let dress himself in the black and that follow the impulses of her heart.” (Mo’ed Katan, 17)
        “The non Jew is like a dog, and the Scriptures teach us to honor the dog rather than a non-Jew.” (Ereget Raschi Erod. 22, 30)
        “The non Jew is a waste; excrement.” (Schulkhan Arukh, with the words of Rabbi Josef Caro)
        “When the Messiah, the Jews be removed to all the other peoples of the world”. (Bar Nachmani, Bammidhar baba, fol. 172, c. 4)
        “Although God has also created the Gentiles, they are only animals in human form.” Is not suitable for a Jew be served by an animal; But if it has the will to be served by these animals in human form.” (Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855)
        “The souls of non-Jews come from unclean spirits and pigs are called.” (Jalkut Rubeni Gadol, 12 b)
        “Although the Jewish not has the same body structure of the Jew, they are compared with the Jew as a monkey a human.” (L luchoth haberith, p. 250 b)
        “The best of the gentiles should be killed”. (15 Soferim, rule 10)
        “When the Messiah son of David comes, exterminate all enemies.” (Majene jeshua fol. 76, c. 1)
        “If a Jew sees that a non-Jew is being dragged by the waters of a river, not you must help”. (Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, p. 184)
        “Considers the Jewish not as a ferocious animal, and treat it as if it were such. Put your wits to destroy it”. (Volume 3, book 2, ch. 4, art. 5)
        “A gentle heretic can be killed immediately by your own hands”. (Abodah Zara, 4 b)
        “Any Jew who spill the blood of non-Jews, does the same as a sacrifice to God.” (Bammidber raba c. 21 and Jalkut 772)
        “It is allowed to take the body and the life of a gentile.” (Sepher ikkarim III, c. 25)
        “The Blessed Sacrament thus spoke to the Israelites: you have recognized me as the single Dominator of the world and, for this reason, I will give you the unique dominators of the world”. (Chaniga fol. 3 a and 3 b)
        “Lord created the non-Jewish in human form so that the Jew is not served by beasts. Therefore, the Jewish is not an animal in human form, sentenced to serve the Jewish day and night.” (Midrasch Talpioth, 255 l, Warsaw 1855)
        “Only Israel justified the creation of the Earth.” (Abramo Seba, “Zeror hammor” fol. 6, c. 4)
        “The Messiah will not come while there is a Jew who must endure to be dominated by a non-Jew”. (Shanhedrin 98 at)
        “The villages of gentiles (non-Jews) are the foreskin of mankind that must be cut.” (Book of Zohar, s.n. with.)
        “We establish as something permissible lying and the perjuriar if not Jewish during a trial against her should be condemned”. (Baba Kama, 113 b)
        “And they came to destroy everything that was inside the city, men and women, young and old, including oxen, sheep and donkeys, through the edge of the sword.”(Joshua, 6:21)

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        • Jahbulon says:

          The explanation to all your questions can be found here with true facts:


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  6. Zharkov says:

    Sorcha Faal is the source (again) for this news story. So who put Sorcha Faal into Putin’s top secret communications channel? Ha!

    Cruise missiles can be shot down by new US laser weapons, but the US would have to be monitoring Israel military channels to know the exact missile trajectory.

    Laser weapons have to be placed in advance near the missile path in order to knock them down. The story may be somewhat fictional because of its source.

    Israel has acquired a well-deserved reputation for doing false flag operations but this one seems a bit over the top.

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    • Wwolf says:

      I reaaaaaally seriously doubt this one. If anything I would bet on the fact that this is Liberal Media manipulation. Nothing would give Obama an erection faster than to be able to say “Well Israel started it!”

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    • noh says:

      you’re an idiot the US would never say such a thing we are Israel’s bitch and they have congress in their back pocket. look up the AIPAC

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    • one who knows says:

      the whole story is a bogus by iranian tv

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  7. oo says:

    Dum ass jews have already lost one dolphin class submarine and one f16 .do they wish to lose more.assad is not playing,when the civil war is over iran and syria will be the new super powers of the middle east if they are not all ready,and they did this with out nukes.now with the new russian tech,israhell cant fly over there own country with out being in range of the s-300 already inplace in syria,this is why the u.s. just cant fly over syria and bomb,syria has its own no fly zone and the ability to sink subs and any ship that gets in range of syrias new weapons

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