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Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus: “ELAM and Golden Dawn have many positive children”

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While some of the clergy speak against Golden Dawn, there are also those of the clergy who examine things honestly and objectively, and as a result speak in favor of Golden Dawn.

Archbishop Chrysostomos is an Archbishop from Cyprus who made such a statement in favor of Golden Dawn.

“When these young people began to appear, I called for them to come see me at the archdiocese and saw many positive elements about them as well as negative. The negative aspects I do not agree with, I told them that we live in a democracy and should not be stacking more problems on top of the ones we already have. However I agreed with them when they said that we must prosecute illegal aliens.“

“They asked me then what the Bible says and I told them that the Gospel says to love. Love them these outsiders, but they must go home.“

“It is not racist, our very own people are starving, we will have others to help after our people in need are helped, they should be helped with everything in their own homeland, and embrace their compatriots, their government and not our own government, “

The archbishop said that he has no relation with the children of ELAM or Golden Dawn, but said that going against the positive things they do for the Greeks is not right.

This really is a slap in the face to all the liars and hypocrites out there who try to slander Golden Dawn, as anyone can plainly see the horrible things the indigenous Greek people are going through right now.


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